Monday Civilian Oversight Board

COBOffice5 pm Monday, March 19, 2018
St. Louis City (Police) Civilian Oversight Board
Room 4029, 1520 Market, City Hall West
Open to the Public: Public Comments are limited to 3 minutes each

City Online Calendar Notice/Agenda

Minutes of November Meeting (trying to find out why November is last posted Minutes)


Thursday Soldiers Memorial Commission Meeting & Tour

BYze2X6CYAAsYcG3 pm Thursday, March 15, 2018
Soldiers Memorial Commission
Soldiers Memorial, 1315 Chestnut
Open to the Public

City Online Calendar Notice/Agenda


Wednesday Liquor License Hearing For Preservation Hall

saloon29:30 am Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Excise Division (Liquor Control)
Room 418, City Hall, 1200 Market
City Online Calendar Notice/Agenda

10 am Hearing: Haunted Orb, LLC d/b/a Haunted Orb @ 1921 S 9th St (Full Drink, Sunday and Summer Garden)

The location is Soulard Preservation Hall.

Haunted Orb owner is Stuart Keating of Earthbound Beer on Cherokee. 


Monday Soulard Special Business District (property tax for security) Meeting

swlogo-vc-nr-198x3006:30 pm Monday, March 12, 2018
Soulard Special Business District
Soulard Station, 1911 S 12th
Open to the Public

If you’d like on the agenda to speak at that meeting, contact at least one day in advance of meeting.

Online Notice at organization’s website

Per Mayor Krewson’s Executive Order 60 this meeting was required to have a notice posted to the City’s website at least 24 hours in advance. As of 6:45 am Monday, March 12, 2018, there is no such notice on the City’s website, which now features date published/edited thanks to Alderwoman Cara Spencer pushing the issue.

SSBD is the special taxing district created in 1994 and funded by a property tax for extra security for Soulard. Boundaries here…

SSBD is not the Soulard Restoration Group Soulard Safety Committee which meets last Mondays of the month at Soulard Station, 1911 S 12th.

SSBD is not the petition group working on a Soulard Community Improvement District to be funded with a sales tax. Proposed boundaries…


Wednesday E&A Vote On Airport Privatization Consultant Contract?

rexcMake your voice heard! Contact Mayor, Comptroller, Board President. Contact information at end of post.

2 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Board of Estimate & Apportionment
Mayor’s Board Room (200)
City Hall, 1200 Market
Open to the Public

City Online Calendar Notice/Agenda (E&A usually does not post Agenda until 2 pm Tuesday before Wednesday meeting)

The Agenda, when posted around 2 pm Tuesday, will likely not mention Airport Privatization Consultant Contract.

If posted like any other contract brought to E&A, it will be included under a generic “Approval of Contracts” Agenda item. The Agenda item will reference an Exhibit. The Exhibits are never attached to the Agendas posted online.

Unless Mayor Lyda Krewson says it is happening, we might not know until the meeting.

The Mayor has chosen a Rex Sinquefield affiliated consultant for the project. At least one of the two other members of Board of E&A- Comptroller or Board President- must vote with the Mayor in order for the contract to be approved.

January 30th, 18 Members of the Board of Aldermen signed a letter asking that Mayor Krewson not hire the Sinquefield group because of conflicts of interest.

The Mayor needs 15 aldermen to vote with her on a final privatization deal, so the 18 dissenting aldermen on the consultant issue appeared to spell trouble for privatization.

But something happened. The Board of Aldermen then adopted Resolution 220 that, among other things, turns over transparency on the Airport Privatization process to the consultants.

“The consultants will provide a transparency portal accessible to all members of the general public through link to the City of St. Louis Website, that will offer easily understood explanation of facts related to the APPP and comprehensive and timely reporting of the due diligence activities under way on behalf of the city. Such portal will in every possible case provide access to documents, contracts, reports, meeting minutes and other materials so that any member of the public may at any time review the activities of the city with respect to the APPP”

I have a Sunshine request (made February 19th) to try and find out who wrote that Resolution. “transparency portal” sounds like consultant language to me. Thursday is the due date for City Counselor to tell me how much the City is charging to sort through an alderwoman’s emails to find all incoming emails relating to airport privatization. Happy Sunshine Open Records & Meetings Week to us!

Lambert Airport Privatization News/Commentary feed here

You can submit Comments on airport privatization to the Federal Aviation Administration here

You can view currently posted Comments to the FAA here

Contact information…
Mayor Lyda Krewson
Comptroller Darlene Green
Board President Lewis Reed

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


Tuesday Elected School Board Meeting With Special Administrative Board

school5:30 pm Tuesday, March 13th, 2018
St. Louis City Elected School Board
Special Meeting with (Appointed) Special Administrative Board
St. Louis Public Schools Administrative Bldg
801 N 11th, Room 108
Open to the Public

Posted Agenda includes
+SAB Recommendations to Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regarding Transition
+ Transition Discussion