Additional Questions That May Be Asked Alderman Candidates Monday Night

The following will be added to the Views/Goals Questions that may be drawn at Monday Night’s 7th Ward Candidate Debate.

Do you support raising the minimum wage? If no, why not? If yes, what amount should the minimum wage be and how should it be done: A) by the City of St. Louis, B) by the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County together, c) by the State of Missouri, d) another answer, and Why.

With the information you currently have, would you vote to place the Mayor’s plan for an additional 160 new police officers on the ballot? Yes or No and Why.

In 2013, the Board of Aldermen reduced penalties on small amounts of marijuana. But the Medical Exception in the original bill was removed in the Floor Substitute. Do you support a medical exception for marijuana possession and use in the City of St. Louis? Yes or No and Why.


SOTU Party for The Bridge Cancelled

With deepest apologies having been made to The Bridge, and with great regrets, we announce the cancellation of Tuesday’s State of the Union Watch Party to Benefit The Bridge due to unforeseen circumstances.

We will schedule another Fundraiser for The Bridge at a later date.

None of the Raffle prizes are in danger of expiration. No advance sales of tickets were made.

It would have been a great party but we promise an even better one later on.

Enjoy the State of the Union at your neighborhood bar of choice.

Marie Ceselski
7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

What Else Should We Ask The 7th Ward Alderman Candidates?

Monday Night the Debate Moderator will draw and read questions for the 7th Ward Alderman Candidates to answer.

The event format is here.

Most Views/Goals Questions from the Candidate Survey will be included in the drawing.

But we want to add some questions. What else should we ask?

Look over the Candidate Survey, then tell us what else you would like to get an answer on from all 7th Ward Alderman Candidates. No candidate specific questions. No math, science, or trivia questions.

Send a comment to this blog post with your question. If it passes the blog moderator, it’ll be posted and we’ll consider adding it to Monday’s Debate. We might run a poll on these questions to pick winning suggestions. If there is enough interest, there will be a prize for someone’s extra super effort.

Thanks for your help.

7th Ward Alderman Candidate Debate Format

7 pm Monday, January 19th
Lafayette Park United Methodist Church, 2300 Lafayette

Moderator: To Be Announced

Board of Aldermen President Candidates will go first, followed by 7th Ward Candidate Debate.

7th Ward Alderman Candidates Debate

The Moderator will administer a draw of straws at 7 pm to determine Candidate A, B, C. Any candidate who does not present himself or herself at the speakers table at 7 pm for the draw of straws shall forfeit the opportunity to participate in the debate.*

Time Cards will not be used. A Time Keeper will call time with “Stop.” A Candidate must stop speaking when Stop is called. Any Candidate who continues to speak after Stop has been called a second time shall forfeit the opportunity to make a Closing Statement.

Any Candidate making an outburst or otherwise interrupting another Candidate or the Moderator shall forfeit the opportunity to make a Rebuttal Statement and Closing Statement.

The Moderator will be begin the debate by briefly going over the rules and format.

1:00 Minute Opening Statements: Candidate A, B, C

The Moderator will draw and read prepared questions. Most Views/Goals questions from the Candidate Survey will be included in the mix plus there will be additional questions. No questions to be drawn will be candidate specific.

1:30 Minute Answers to Question 1: Candidate B, C, A
1:30 Minute Answers to Question 2: Candidate C, A, B
1:30 Minute Answers to Question 3: Candidate A, B, C
1:30 Minute Answers to Question 4: Candidate B, C, A
1:30 Minute Answers to Question 5: Candidate C, A, B
1:30 Minute Answers to Question 6: Candidate A, B, C
1:30 Minute Answers to Question 7: Candidate B, C, A
1:30 Minute Answers to Question 8: Candidate C, A, B

1 Minute for Candidate C to ask another Candidate a question
1 Minute Answer

1 Minute for Candidate B to ask another Candidate a question
1 Minute Answer

1 Minute for Candidate A to ask another Candidate a question
1 Minute Answer

*In the event that there are only two alderman candidates debating, two more questions will be drawn and answered and there will be two more ask/answer rounds.

1 Minute Rebuttals: Candidate B, C, A

1 Minute Closing Statements: Candidate C, A, B

3/3/2015 7th Ward Alderman Candidate Survey

This is the 7th Ward Independent Democrats Democratic Primary Candidate Survey. There are 10 Personal Questions, 10 Goals/Views Questions, and an opportunity for a closing statement.

Surveys were emailed to candidates 8:00 pm Sunday, January 11, 2015 and should be returned in an email by 5 pm January 23, 2015. Answers will posted within 24 hours of receipt.

There are word limits to answers. An answer that exceeds the word limit will have the last word(s) deleted to comply with the word limit. Answers will not be edited for spelling or grammar.

One or more of the questions in section B. may be drawn as a question during the January 19th Debate. Other questions are also being written for the debate and candidates will have an opportunity to ask each other a question.

A. The Personal Side of the Candidate. These are the get to know the candidates as persons questions. All three alderman candidates are single without children, so we’re skipping the family question.

A1) Education: Degree/School/City/Year Graduated
High School:

A2) Employment: Job Title/Employer/City/Years:

A3) Professional Memberships:

A4) Neighborhood/Community/Civic/Political/Activist Affiliations/Memberships: (50 words or less)

A5) Political Experience: (50 words or less)

A6) Pets:

A7) Name your favorite architectural landmark or public art in the 7th Ward and why? (50 words or less)

A8) Name your favorite music genre (one) and favorite musician/band/symphony (one):

A9) Do you plan on working in a paid or volunteer position requiring 20 hours or more a week or running a business in addition to serving as alderman? If yes, please explain. (25 words or less)

A10) Describe a unique relationship or experience that you have/had that will/would help you serve the 7th Ward better than the other candidates. (75 words or less)

B. The Candidate As Alderman. These are the candidate views and goals questions.

B1) Describe your position on the proposed new stadium. (75 words or less)

B2) Describe one action you would take as alderman to help reduce crime in the 7th Ward. (75 words or less)

B3) Describe your position on a Civilian Review Board for the St. Louis City Police Department. (75 words or less)

B4) Describe one action you would take as alderman to help reduce homelessness in the City of St. Louis. (75 words or less)

B5) Should City voters retain the City’s earnings tax in 2016 when required for vote by Missouri Constitution? If no, describe what tax or fee should be increased to replace revenue equal to 32% of the City’s Budget? (75 words or less)

B6) Describe the route and funding source for North-South extension of MetroLink that you would support as alderman or why you do not support extension. (75 words or less)

B7) Do you support or oppose the City of St. Louis being forced by constitutional amendment to re-enter St. Louis County as a municipality and why? (75 words or less)

B8) Describe one Board Bill (other than a Charter amendment or a bill you may have proposed in answering a previous question) that you will sponsor as alderman and why. (75 words or less)

B9) Describe an amendment to the City Charter (other than one you may have proposed in answering a previous question) that you will sponsor as alderman or a board bill/charter amendment previously adopted that you would have voted against and why. (75 words or less)

B10) The City’s Wards will be reduced to 14 from 28 after he 2020 Census. If you are alderman during this redistricting, what current ward would you want to combine with the 7th Ward or what specific neighborhoods would you want to combine to produce the new 7th Ward. Use 2010 Census figures. In the case of combining neighborhoods, the magic number is as close to 22,700 as you can get.

B11) Closing Statement. (75 words or less)

No Door-To-Door Voter Registration When It’s Below Freezing

Due to temperatures predicted for below freezing, the Committeewoman is making an executive decision to cancel Saturday’s door-to-door Voter Registration Drive in LaSalle Park Neighborhood.

We had a fantastic, diverse crew of ward members, Firefighters from Local 73, and other volunteers coordinated for Saturday. I hate losing that opportunity. But I am not going to ask firefighters, who are accustomed to brutal conditions, to register voters when I will not allow my own members to do so because of weather conditions.

We will plan on registering voters the following Saturday, January 17th, and Monday, January 19th (Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday). Hopefully, it will be warmer, sunnier, and less windy.

We will do lit drops in February regardless of temperatures. Lit drops are constant movement. I’m OK with us walking around when it’s below freezing. If you can walk the dog, you can deliver door hangers. It’s the standing outside doors in frigid conditions that I have safety concerns about.

Thanks to everyone who offered to help this weekend. Stay warm and healthy!

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


March 3, 2015 St. Louis City Democratic Primary Candidates

In Filing Order

President of Board of Aldermen (4 Year Term)

Candidate: Lewis E. Reed
Ballot Name: Lewis Reed
Address: 2925 Russell Blvd, St. Louis MO 63104
Neighborhood/Ward: Compton Heights, 6th Ward
Occupation: President, St. Louis City Board of Aldermen
Cell or Home Phone: 314-649-7333
Campaign Phone:
Campaign Website:
Twitter: @PresReed

Candidate: Jimmie Matthews
Ballot Name: Jimmie Matthews
Address: 5935 Lillian Ave, St. Louis MO 63136
Neighborhood/Ward: Walnut Park West, 27th Ward
Occupation: Pastor, Real Estate Broker
Cell or Home Phone: 314-599-4500
Campaign Phone:
Campaign Website:
Twitter: @jimmiematthew

7th Ward Alderman (To Fill Vacancy Until April 2017)

Candidate Name: John J. Coatar
Ballot Name: John (Jack) Coatar
Address: 1045 Ann Ave, Apt. C, St. Louis MO 63104
Neighborhood/Ward: Soulard, 7th Ward
Occupation: former St. Louis City Circuit Attorney
Cell or Home Phone: 314-374-0691
Campaign Phone: (314) 827-5884
Campaign Website:
Twitter: @jcoatar

Candidate Name: Chelsea Merta
Ballot Name: Chelsea Merta
Address: 2135 Allen Ave, Apt 1F, St. Louis MO 63104
Neighborhood/Ward: McKinley Heights, 7th Ward
Occupation: Attorney; Policy Director, Faith Aloud
Cell or Home Phone: 812-431-7732
Campaign Phone: 314-896-3782
Campaign Website:
Twitter: @ChelseaKMerta

Candidate Name: Samuel J. Cummings, III
Ballot Name: Samuel J. Cummings, III
Address: 2328 S. 9th St, Apt A, St. Louis MO 63104
Neighborhood/Ward: Soulard, 7th Ward
Occupation: Manager of Technical Solutions TopOPPS
Cell or Home Phone: 314-480-2716
Campaign Phone:
Campaign Website:
Twitter: @SamuelJ314

For other ward races see St. Louis City Board of Elections