3/3/2015 7th Ward Alderman Candidate Survey

This is the 7th Ward Independent Democrats Democratic Primary Candidate Survey. There are 10 Personal Questions, 10 Goals/Views Questions, and an opportunity for a closing statement.

Surveys were emailed to candidates 8:00 pm Sunday, January 11, 2015 and should be returned in an email by 5 pm January 23, 2015. Answers will posted within 24 hours of receipt.

There are word limits to answers. An answer that exceeds the word limit will have the last word(s) deleted to comply with the word limit. Answers will not be edited for spelling or grammar.

One or more of the questions in section B. may be drawn as a question during the January 19th Debate. Other questions are also being written for the debate and candidates will have an opportunity to ask each other a question.

A. The Personal Side of the Candidate. These are the get to know the candidates as persons questions. All three alderman candidates are single without children, so we’re skipping the family question.

A1) Education: Degree/School/City/Year Graduated
High School:

A2) Employment: Job Title/Employer/City/Years:

A3) Professional Memberships:

A4) Neighborhood/Community/Civic/Political/Activist Affiliations/Memberships: (50 words or less)

A5) Political Experience: (50 words or less)

A6) Pets:

A7) Name your favorite architectural landmark or public art in the 7th Ward and why? (50 words or less)

A8) Name your favorite music genre (one) and favorite musician/band/symphony (one):

A9) Do you plan on working in a paid or volunteer position requiring 20 hours or more a week or running a business in addition to serving as alderman? If yes, please explain. (25 words or less)

A10) Describe a unique relationship or experience that you have/had that will/would help you serve the 7th Ward better than the other candidates. (75 words or less)

B. The Candidate As Alderman. These are the candidate views and goals questions.

B1) Describe your position on the proposed new stadium. (75 words or less)

B2) Describe one action you would take as alderman to help reduce crime in the 7th Ward. (75 words or less)

B3) Describe your position on a Civilian Review Board for the St. Louis City Police Department. (75 words or less)

B4) Describe one action you would take as alderman to help reduce homelessness in the City of St. Louis. (75 words or less)

B5) Should City voters retain the City’s earnings tax in 2016 when required for vote by Missouri Constitution? If no, describe what tax or fee should be increased to replace revenue equal to 32% of the City’s Budget? (75 words or less)

B6) Describe the route and funding source for North-South extension of MetroLink that you would support as alderman or why you do not support extension. (75 words or less)

B7) Do you support or oppose the City of St. Louis being forced by constitutional amendment to re-enter St. Louis County as a municipality and why? (75 words or less)

B8) Describe one Board Bill (other than a Charter amendment or a bill you may have proposed in answering a previous question) that you will sponsor as alderman and why. (75 words or less)

B9) Describe an amendment to the City Charter (other than one you may have proposed in answering a previous question) that you will sponsor as alderman or a board bill/charter amendment previously adopted that you would have voted against and why. (75 words or less)

B10) The City’s Wards will be reduced to 14 from 28 after he 2020 Census. If you are alderman during this redistricting, what current ward would you want to combine with the 7th Ward or what specific neighborhoods would you want to combine to produce the new 7th Ward. Use 2010 Census figures. In the case of combining neighborhoods, the magic number is as close to 22,700 as you can get.

B11) Closing Statement. (75 words or less)

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