What Else Should We Ask The 7th Ward Alderman Candidates?

Monday Night the Debate Moderator will draw and read questions for the 7th Ward Alderman Candidates to answer.

The event format is here.

Most Views/Goals Questions from the Candidate Survey will be included in the drawing.

But we want to add some questions. What else should we ask?

Look over the Candidate Survey, then tell us what else you would like to get an answer on from all 7th Ward Alderman Candidates. No candidate specific questions. No math, science, or trivia questions.

Send a comment to this blog post with your question. If it passes the blog moderator, it’ll be posted and we’ll consider adding it to Monday’s Debate. We might run a poll on these questions to pick winning suggestions. If there is enough interest, there will be a prize for someone’s extra super effort.

Thanks for your help.

2 thoughts on “What Else Should We Ask The 7th Ward Alderman Candidates?

  1. Do you support raising the minimum wage? If so, to how much? Are there other ways the BoA can address poverty, and if so, what?

    How would you address education in the BoA?

    Would you vote for the Mayor’s plan to add 160 new police officers to be on the ballot? Why or why not? If it was on the ballot, how would you vote?

    There are a lot of downtown developments receiving TIF money, how do they feel about TIFs?


  2. Thanks, Alison.

    There is a lot of interest in the minimum wage issue as to how it is done- Raise minimum wage in City. Work with County and together raise minimum wage. Wait for State. We will craft a question so that we get an answer that is not generic. So you’ve been helpful pushing us to reconsider previous thought that we already knew everyone’s answer.

    Can you provide a specific newly proposed TIF that we could focus this question on. We do not want to get into What would you have done? questions. We want What will you do? questions.

    Again, appreciate your input. Hopefully, others will make some suggestions as well.

    Marie Ceselski
    7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


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