Brian Wahby, Jack Coatar And The Liquor Permitting Biz

On January 12, 2015, 7th Ward Democratic Committeeman Brian Wahby terminated St. Louis 7th Ward Democrats, his 19 year old political action committee registered with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

In a form dated February 2, 2015, Brian Wahby registered 7th Ward Regular Democrats, a new political action committee, with the Missouri Ethics Commission, which received the form on February 6.

The timing is odd. February 3 was the evening of the 7th Ward Independent Democrats Endorsement Happy Hour.

Why did he give up his old committee?

Why file a new organization before knowing the outcome of our vote?

Will this committee be accepting money from Rex Sinquefield to assist Jack Coatar’s campaign? That’s not an outrageous question. Brian Wahby is a fan of Sinquefield’s. He has experience with so-called “pass through” contributions and moving political dollars around.

But the first thing that actually caught my attention on the filing wasn’t the peculiar date. It was the committee address: 1728 S Broadway. It’s also the address for Jack Coatar’s campaign.


According to the St Louis City Assessor’s Database, 1728 S. Broadway is owned by Hadchit Investment LLC.

According to the Missouri Secretary of State’s Business Entity Database, Hadchit Investment LLC is owned by Michael B. Hurley. That’s Brian Wahby’s cousin.

Michael B. Hurley is owner of Hurley & Hurley, the leading liquor licensing firm in the 7th Ward and also located at 1728 S. Broadway.

Personally, I live in an adult neighborhood because it is an adult neighborhood. I like bars. I support good bars. But I want my alderman to intervene against neighborhood nuisances and potential nuisances, including a bad bar, and I think that’s highly problematic when you have the sort of relationship Jack Coatar has with the major facilitator of liquor licenses.

I am even more suspicious of this alliance because Jack Coatar has failed to report to Missouri Ethics Commission any expenditure- rent or in-kind- for the office space.

The 7th Ward needs a strong, independent voice at City Hall. Elect Chelsea Merta! She’s Not Status Quo!

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


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