Sam Cummings Absurd Mardi Gras “Recycling Holiday”

By early evening Mardi Gras Grand Parade Day, most Soulard streets had been swept and most debris was gone. Soulard residents and businesses woke up the next day to a fairly clean neighborhood.

We like it that way. We demand it be so. We share our neighborhood with hundreds of thousands of revelers and we expect it to be as tidy after the event as it was before, or better.

But 7th Ward Candidate Sam Cummings wants to change that. He wants Grand Parade clean-up to begin the day after the parade.


I am a recycler and composter. When I worked at the State Capitol, I helped write Missouri’s first solid waste management law with recycling programs. I consider myself knowledgeable on recycling. But I have never heard the term “recycling holiday” before Sam Cummings used it. I asked Google what it was and Google did not know either, confused it with local recycling schedules for holidays.

All we know is that he plans on forcing the Soulard Neighborhood to wake up to trash. In fact, as alderman, he “would fight” to make it so. It is ridiculous.

Sam Cummings and I have had numerous conversations about Mardi Gras recycling over the past two plus years. We talked about recycling during Mardi Gras Grand Parade Day- day of event collection of recyclables similar to Taste of St. Louis (back when it was in Downtown). In none of these conversations did we discuss waiting until the day after Grand Parade to deal with trash.

In 2013, Sam Cummings brought up Mardi Gras recycling at either a Soulard Restoration Group meeting or the post-Mardi Gras Complaint meeting in 2013. I have forgotten which meeting. He could have influenced Mardi Gras trash decisions by election as a Board Member of Soulard Restoration Group. He was asked to run by a number of members. If he had run, he would have been elected. But he didn’t. He missed an opportunity to be a leader.

Sam Cummings has put little thought into his “recycling holiday” plan for Mardi Gras. He could have made recycling a serious issue in the election. But he didn’t. Instead, his proposal is a joke. Once again, he missed an opportunity to be a leader.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


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