7th Ward 2015 School Board Candidates Survey

A. The Personal Side of the Candidate. These are the Get to Know the Candidates as persons questions. 

A1) Higher Education- Degree/School/City/Year Graduated

A2) Elementary/Secondary Education: What kind of schools did you attend? a) Public Schools, b) Private Schools, c) Home Schooled, d) Combination __________ (describe)

A3) Children: What kind of schools do/did your children attend? a) Public Schools, b) Private Schools, c) Home Schooled, d) Combination __________ (describe) e) No Children

A4) Employment: Job Title/Employer/City/Years

A5) Are any members of your family (within third degree) employed by the St. Louis City Public Schools? If yes, describe relationship and how employed. Do not provide names. Example: Aunt, school teacher

A6) Are any members of your family (within first degree) employed by another public school district? If yes, describe relationship, how employed, and county/state. Do not provide names.
Example: Aunt, school teacher, Jackson County, Missouri

A7) Professional Memberships

A8) Neighborhood/Community/Civic/Political/Activist Affiliations/Memberships (50 words or less)

A9) Political Experience (50 words or less)

A10) Pets

A11) Name your favorite music genre (one) and favorite musician/band/symphony (one):

A12) St. Louis has magnificent education architecture. Name your favorite building in St. Louis City used currently or in the past as a school and why? (50 words or less)

A13) Who was your favorite teacher and why? Do not provide name. Only describe. (50 words or less)

B. The Candidate As A School Board Member. These are the Candidate views and goals questions.

B1) Describe your role as a St. Louis City Public School Board Member under the current Special Board situation.
(75 words or less)

B2) Describe your role as a St. Louis City Public School Board Member when the Special Board is gone. (75 words or less)

B3) How should public schools be funded? (100 words or less)

B4) In the event that power was returned to the St. Louis City School Board, describe one specific funding priority in the Budget that you would champion. (50 words or less)

B5) The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the Ferguson-Florissant School District regarding the at-large election of the School Board, alleging at-large election violates Section of the Voting Rights Act. Should the St. Louis City School Board be elected by districts instead of at-large? Why or Why not?  (75 words or less)

B6) Describe one St. Louis City Public School Policy you would change or you would vigorously defend against change. (50 words or less)

B7) Describe your position on Common Core Standards. (100 words or less)

B8) Describe your position on the issue of teachers carrying concealed guns into St. Louis City Public Schools. (50 words or less)

B9) Describe your position on the issue of teaching creationism or intelligent design in St. Louis City Public Schools. (50 words or less)

B10) Describe your position on Public School District Anti-Bullying Policies that include bullying based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. (50 words or less)

B11) Describe your position on public funds being spent on private education (vouchers, tax credits, direct appropriation). (75 words or less)

B12) Grade the Special Administrative Board for the St. Louis Public Schools on a Scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest score. Describe why you gave the Board that score. (100 words or less)



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