What/Who Is On St. Louis City April 7th Ballot?

If you have links to websites or Facebook pages for any of the candidates that we’ve missed, email to ward7stl@aol.com.

School Board Candidates

In parts of 6th & 7th Wards- Lafayette Square Special Business District
Additional Information from Lafayette Square Restoration Committee
Opposition Information from Concerned Citizens of Lafayette Square

In parts of 26th & 28th Wards- DeBaliviere Place Special Business District

Board of Alderman Races BOA President: Dem Lewis Reed, GOP Erik Shelquist, Green Jeffrey Schaefer

2nd Ward: Dem Dionne Flowers, Green Elston McCowan
4th Ward: Dem Sam Moore
6th Ward: Dem Christine Ingrassia, GOP Dan Elder, Green Jonathan McFarland
7th Ward: Dem Jack Coatar
8th Ward: Dem Steven Conway, GOP Robert Shelli
10th Ward: Dem Joe Vollmer, GOP Daniel Kalaf
12th Ward: Dem Larry Arnowitz
13th Ward: Dem Beth Murphy, GOP Conan Prendergast
14th Ward: Dem Carol Howard
15th Ward: Dem Megan Green, GOP Joshua Simpson
16th Ward: Dem Donna Baringer
18th Ward: Dem Terry Kennedy, GOP Charles Grumbach
20th Ward: Dem Cara Spencer, Green Vicki Ingram, Independent Stephen Jehle
22nd Ward: Dem Jeffrey Boyd, Green Renee Keeble
24th Ward: Dem Scott Ogilvie, GOP Peter Schumaker
26th Ward: Dem Frank Williamson, Green Fred Raines
28th Ward: Dem Lyda Krewson, Green Jerome Bauer

There will be a 7th Ward April General Election Forum at 7 pm Monday, March 16th at Lafayette Park UMC, 2300 Lafayette. School Board Candidates and the Lafayette Square Special Business District will be on the agenda. Refreshments and Attendance Prizes. We are collecting canned chicken soup for food pantry. Open to the Public. Info ward7stl@aol.com or 436-5311.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

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