CANCELLED: 10 am Monday BOA Public Safety Meeting on Prop S Money for More Police

City Hall3Unsure why it was cancelled.

St. Louis City Board of Aldermen
Public Safety Committee Meeting
10 am Monday, December 21st, 2015
Kennedy Hearing Room, City Hall

Agenda: Discussion on Proposition S Funds (2008 sales tax hike for additional police)

Aldermen have questions regarding the expenditure of the earmarked funds.

Members of the Public Safety Committee include Aldermen: Terry Kennedy (18th Ward, Chair), Freeman M Bosley Sr. (3rd Ward), Chris Carter (27th Ward), Jack Coatar (7th Ward), Shane Cohn (25th Ward), Megan E. Green (15th Ward), Antonio D French (21st Ward), Cara Spencer (20th Ward), Joseph Vaccaro (23rd Ward).

Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed is a member of all BOA Committees.

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4 pm Monday Preservation Board Meeting

Pierre Laclede Statue4 pm Monday, December 14, 2015
St. Louis City Preservation Board
1520 Market (City Hall West), Room 2000

December Meeting Agenda

Benton Park
2861 Lemp, 9th Ward (Owner: Ron Sebaugh) – New Construction

Botanical Heights
4207 Blaine, 19th Ward (Owner: Botanical Heights Homes) – New Construction

Fox Park

2711-13 Gravois, 6th Ward (Owner: St. Louis City Catholic Church Real Estate Corp.) – Appeal of Demolition Denial

2601 Ohio, 8th Ward (Owner: Theresa Sackman) – Appeal of Painted Brick and Window Installation Without Permit

Lafayette Square
2115-31 Hickory, 6th Ward (Owner: Jeffrey E. Smith Investment) – Demolition


8:30 am Wednesday LRA Meeting Includes $5 Offer By World Aquarium For Downtown Block

8:30 am Wednesday, December 9, 2015
St. Louis City Land Reutilization Authority December Meeting

St Louis Development Corporation Board Room (2nd Floor)
1520 Market (City Hall West)
62 Offers to Purchase
3 Garden Leases
3 Miscellaneous
2 Donations

LRA receives title to all tax delinquent properties not sold at Sheriff’s Sale as well as donated properties. SLDC maintains (sorta), markets, sells properties, and leases lots for gardens.

Among the 62 Offers to Purchase is a $5 Offer by World Aquarium (Leonard Sonnenscheim) for five vacant lots in City Block 41, South 2nd @ Plum, Downtown South, 7th Ward.leonard

LRA places a value of $28,814 on the collective parcels.

In September, World Aquarium lost its lease at City Museum.

According to World Aquarium’s website, they have relocated to 810 N 3rd (recently renamed Lumiere Place by act of the Board of Aldermen) on Laclede’s Landing.

If you have an interest in exploring ownership of an LRA property or establishing a community garden on a vacant lot, check out the LRA Property Database.

– Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

9 am Thursday BOA Meeting & Vote on Corporate Welfare for Stadium

City Hall3Make Your Voice Heard!
Contact Your Alderman. Contact BOA President Lewis Reed.

9 am Thursday, December 10, 2015
St. Louis City Board of Aldermen
Ways & Means Committee
Kennedy Room (Room 208), City Hall

Committee Meeting on Committee Substitute for Board Bill 219  by Alderwoman Tammika Hubbard (5th Ward), Alderman Jack Coatar (7th Ward), Alderman Ken Ortmann (9th Ward)

Board Bill 219 would authorize a Financing Agreement between City of St. Louis, Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority, and State of Missouri for construction and leasing of a new stadium.

The Ways & Means Committee will likely vote on a Committee Substitute at that time. I am unaware of an actual Substitute posted online anywhere. However, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch did post the New Financing Agreement– meat & potatoes of the financing- which is an Exhibit to the Board Bill. Despite the heading, it is not the new Board Bill, it is part of it.

Members of the BOA Ways & Means Committee include: Alderman Steve Conway (8th Ward), Alderman Chris Carter (27th Ward), Alderman Antonio French (27th Ward), Alderman Terry Kennedy (18th Ward), Alderman Sam Moore (4th Ward), Alderwoman Beth Murphy (13th Ward), Alderman Scott Ogilvie (24th Ward), Alderman Joe Vaccaro (23rd Ward).

Board President Lewis Reed is a voting member of all committees.

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-Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman