Wednesday Planning Commission Meeting

Pierre Laclede StatueSt. Louis City Planning Commission
5:30 pm Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Planning & Urban Design Agency
City Hall West (Abrams Bldg), 1520 Market,  2nd floor, Conference Room B

Note: Planning Commission hearings/votes come before Board of Aldermen hearings/votes.

Agenda Includes

Actions on

Comprehensive Plan: Lighthouse Saint Louis (2nd Ward – Riverview Neighborhood) St. Louis Post-Dispatch article on this project


Cheltenham Neighborhood – 24th Ward
1300-22 Hampton @ West Park  (Owner: Raineri Properties LLC, 1300 Hampton #200, St. Louis MO 63139 ) – Rezone A/F to F

Ellendale Neighborhood – 24th Ward
7144R Manchester & Western Portion of 7155 Lanham (Owner: 7150 Manchester LLC, 837 Hodiamont, St. Louis MO 63112) – Rezone J & A to F

Lindenwood Neighborhood – 23rd Ward
6839 Fyler (Owner: Richard and Deborah Schaefer, 6839 Fyler, St. Louis MO 63139) – Rezone A to F

Redevelopment Plan: Covenant Blu/Grand Center Neighborhood – 19th Ward, 634 North Grand 353 Redevelopment Area (Owner: TLG 634 N Grand LLC, 319 N 4th #1000, St. Louis Mo 63102)

Preservation Board Review: Fox Park Neighborhood/St. Francis de Sales Historic District(for some reason Planning Commission lists this in Marine Villa Neighborhood) – 6th Ward, 2711-13 Gravois (Owner: St. Louis City Catholic Church Real Estate, 4445 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis M) 63108) – Demolition


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