April 7th STL City Dems Delegate Selection Ward Caucus Locations

365px-Democratslogo7:30 pm Thursday, April 7th, 2016
(Please Arrive by 7 pm)
St. Louis City Democratic Party Delegate Selection Ward Caucuses

Participate in Your Ward’s Democratic Caucus if you are interested in…

  • Electing or observing the election of Delegates/Alternates to 1st Congressional District Convention.
  • Attending April 28th Missouri Democratic Party 1st Congressional District Convention (at UMSL JC Penny Building) as an Observer or Delegate/Alternate to elect Delegates/Alternates to Democratic National Convention. The 1st Congressional District (St. Louis City + North St. Louis County) will elect 5 Male Delegates, 5 Female Delegates and 5 Male Alternates, 5 Female Alternates, all apportioned as pledged to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders based on the March 15th Presidential Primary vote.
  • Attending June 18th Missouri State Democratic Convention (location TBA) as a Delegate/Alternate to elect Delegates At-Large to Democratic National Convention and vote on other Party matters including Resolutions.
  • Attending July 25-29 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as a Delegate or Delegate-At-Large.

April 7th St. Louis City Democratic Party Ward Caucus Locations
Number of Delegates/Alternates to be elected
( ) is total number of delegates plus equal number of alternates to be elected at ward level per candidate.

1st Ward (2 Clinton, 2 Sanders): United House of Prayer @ 3300 N Kingshighway
2nd Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): North Park United Methodist Church @ 1525 Orchid
3rd Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Herbert Hoover Boys Club @ 2901 N Grand
4th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Asbury Methodist Church @ 4001 Maffitt
5th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Carr Square Community Center @ 1629 Biddle
6th Ward (2 Clinton, 2 Sanders): Southside Wellness Center @ 3017 Park Ave
7th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): South Broadway Athletic Club @ 2301 S 7th
8th Ward (2 Clinton, 2 Sanders): SW Garden Neighborhood Assn @ 4950 Southwest
9th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): 9th Ward Headquarters @ 1905 Arsenal (rear)
10th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): The Hill Neighborhood Center @ 1935 Marconi
11th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Carondelet Park Rec Plex @ 930 Holly Hills
12th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Immaculate Heart of Mary Church @ 4092 Blow
13th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Woerner School @ 6131 Leona
14th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Firefighters Hall @ 4271 Delor
15th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Oak Hill Presbyterian Church @ 4111 Connecticut
16th Ward  (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Hall @ 4714 Clifton
17th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Park Place Apts @ 4399 Forest Park
18th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Trinity Church @ 600 N Euclid
19th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Metro Village Apts @ 3114 Franklin
20th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Gooseberries @ 2754 Chippewa
21st Ward (2 Clinton, 2 Sanders):  YMCA Rec Center O’Fallon Park @ 4343 W Florissant
22nd Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Best Auto @ 5736 Martin Luther King Drive
23rd Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): St. Louis Police Officers Assn @ 3710 Hampton
24th Ward (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Mason School, 6031 Southwest
25th Ward  (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Gretchen’s Inn @ 4200 S. Grand
26th Ward  (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Union Memorial United Methodist Church @ 1141 Belt
27th Ward (2 Clinton, 2 Sanders): City Hope Bible Church @ 5868 W Florissant
28th Ward ( (2 Clinton, 1 Sanders): Joe’s Cafe @ 6014 Kingsbury

To find out what ward you vote in, go here and type in your address.

Caucus Participation and Delegate/Alternate Requirements:
+ At Least 18 Years of Age by October 12, 2016
+ Registered Voter in Missouri
+ A Democrat and a member of no other political party
+ Must sign Party Registration and Declaration Statement
At no time is a participant required to pay any party dues.

Additional Delegate/Alternate Requirements
+ Must sign Pledge of Support Form
+ Must be responsible for your own transportation/lodging during participation
At no time is a participant required to pay any party dues.


More Information on the Missouri Delegate Selection Process

-Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


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  1. […] 7th Ward Independent Democrats has published the St. Louis City Democratic Party Ward Delegate Selection Meeting Locations, delegate apportionment, and other delegate selection information on our blog. I do not believe there is anywhere else you can find this information online. That’s absurd. Both MDP and every county Central Committee should have it posted on a website or blog or Facebook page. […]


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