Monday Preservation Board Agenda Includes Lafayette Lofts, Again

Pierre Laclede Statue4 pm Monday, March 28, 2016
St. Louis Preservation Board
1520 Market (City Hall West), Room 2000


Benton Park
2800 McNair, 9th Ward (Owner: Gary and Diane Lindsay) – Appeal of Denial for conversion of window to door on public facade

Central West End

230 N Kingshighway, 28th Ward (Owner: Chase Park Plaza Hotel LLC) – Preliminary Review of exterior alterations to 27th story penthouse

4615 Pershing, 28th Ward (Owner: William F. and Janice Forsyth) – Appeal of Denial for modification of front steps and installation of knee walls

4531 McPherson, 28th Ward (Owner: Veal Realty LLC) – Appeal of Denial for retaining landscape wall installed without permit

815 Ann (previously Lafayette School), 7th Ward (Owner: 815 Ann LLC) – Appeal of Denial for exterior alterations- vehicular door opening on Ann Avenue side of gym building, changes to stair wall, chimney removal (already done), tall fencing, windows. This was on a previous agenda but owner did not show.

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