Wednesday LRA Meeting: 70 Offers to Purchase & Mow To Own

Pierre Laclede Statue8:30 am Wednesday, March 30, 2016
St. Louis City Land Reutilization Authority Meeting
St Louis Development Corporation Board Room (2nd Floor)
1520 Market (City Hall West)

70 Offers to Purchase
9 Garden Leases
3 Donations
2 Miscellaneous
Resolution Authorizing “Mow to Own” Program

LRA receives title to all tax delinquent properties not sold at Sheriff’s Sale as well as donated properties. SLDC maintains (sorta), markets, sells properties, and leases lots for gardens.

A few of the many Offers to Purchase, Donations, and Garden Leases…

Benton Park West
3229 Pennsylvania, 2 story brick residence (9th Ward): $1,500 Offer by Carlisha L. Amos

316 Lombard, vacant lot (7th Ward): $4,915  Offer by MU Investment Property LLC (David Scobee)

Fox Park
2721 Accomac, side lot (6th Ward): $500 Offer by Patrice M. Bryan
2736 & 2738 Geyer, side lots (6th Ward): $3,000 Offer by Willard Botkin
2136 Oregon, side lot (6th Ward): $5 Offer by Nexus Real Estate & Construction Group LLC (Ben Myers)

Lafayette Square
2339-2345 Rutger, four vacant lots (6th Ward): Double Offer: $16,000 Offer by Joy & Henry F Owens IV; $48,000 Offer by Design & Restoration LLC (Leonard S Adewunmi)

McKinley Heights
2208 Charless, side lot (7th Ward): $2,111 Offer from Kimberly Poor
2212-2222 Gaines, four vacant lots (7th Ward): $23,438 Offer by Equity Trust (Jorel L Poor)

2115 S 7th, vacant lot (7th Ward): $1,000 Offer by Frank Armstrong

Tower Grove East
2928 Minnesota, 1 story brick resident (6th Ward): $1,500 Offer by Orland0 D Watford Jr

Fox Park/Tower Grove East/Tower Grove South
13 vacant lots in 6th, 7th, 15th Wards: $46,050 Offer by Ryan W. Sheridan
2735 Allen, 2812 Magnolia, 2846 Nebraska, 2348-2350 Michigan, 2601 Michigan, 2900-2902 Michigan, 2354 Virginia, 2255 California, 2639 Shenandoah, 2655 Shenandoah, 4250 Connecticut

If you have an interest in exploring ownership of an LRA property or establishing a community garden on a vacant lot, check out the LRA Property Database.

– Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


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