DNC Delegate Candidates: Important Deadlines/Dates

365px-DemocratslogoThursday, April 14th is the Deadline to submit your Form F  Statement of Candidacy (for election as a Delegate or Alternate at your April 28th Missouri Congressional District Convention) and Pledge of Support (for Sanders or Clinton). You may FAX it to the Missouri Democratic Party.

Thursday, April 28th are Missouri Democratic Party Congressional District Conventions to elect Delegates and Alternates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The 1st Congressional District (St. Louis City and part of St. Louis County) will beheld at the JC Penny Building, at University of Missouri at St. Louis. 1st Congressional District Convention delegates will elect 5 Male Delegates, 5 Female Delegates and 5 Male Alternates, 5 Female Alternates, apportioned to Sanders and Clinton. The event is open to observers.

Friday, May 20th is the Deadline to submit your Form AL to be a candidate for a Delegate at Large position to the Democratic National Convention.

Saturday, June 18th Missouri State Democratic Convention is where delegates elected from ward/township/county meetings in April will elect Delegates At-Large to Democratic National Convention and vote on other Party matters including Resolutions.

July 25-29 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

More information on the Missouri Delegate Selection process.

Many thanks to everyone who turned out for the 7th Ward Delegate Selection Meeting.



— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committewoman



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