Voter ID Alert: Misinformation On Board of Elections Website

Please be aware that City Board of Elections has misinformation on their website regarding ID required to vote. Their website says the card you should have received from them is not enough to vote, you need additional government issued ID, which is not true.


The Missouri Secretary of State, THE election authority in Missouri, says your local issued election card is all you need to vote.


The card which should have been mailed to you by the Election Board even says the card is all you need to vote.


If there is a problem when you go to vote regarding use of the Election Board issued card as ID, call the Secretary of State’s Election Integrity Hotline 1-800-669-8683.

10 am Sunday 10th Street Mall Clean Up

Please join Marty Joe Murray Jr., our 7th Ward Democratic Committeeman Candidate, and friends to clean up this gem in LaSalle Park. Marty has tools/bags from Operation Brightside and will provide snacks. The only thing we are missing right now is a weed wacker. Bring one if you have one. Meet us on 10th Street between Park and Hickroy. Additional information on 10th Street Pedestrian Mall. Contact Marty with any questions 425-9259.


Tuesday Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority Agenda by Neighborhood

Pierre Laclede Statue3 pm Tuesday, July 26, 2016
1520 Market (City Hall West), #2000 Boardroom
Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority


Dutchtown – 25th Ward
3858 Bamberger
Resolution approving Blighting and advertisement for redevelopers.

Fountain Park/Lewis Place – 18th Ward
Taylor, Delmar, Page, Kingshighway Area
Resolution approving Blighting and advertisement for redevelopers.

Grand Center- 19th Ward
3631–51 Washingotn Ave
Resolution designating FOR Associates LLC as redeveloper and authorizing redevelopment agreement.

The Hill – 10th Ward
5214 Daggett
Resolution approving Blighting and advertisement for redevelopers.
5376-90 Southwest
Resolution approving Blighting and advertisement for redevelopers.

Kosciusko – 7th Ward
Kosciusko Industrial Site (formerly Solutia)
Resolution designating SWH Investments II LLC as redeveloper and authorizing redevelopment agreement.

Midtown/Locust Street Automotive District – 19th Ward
2926-36 Locust
Resolution approving Blighting and advertisement for redevelopers.

North Riverfront – 2nd Ward
6200-12 N Broadway
Resolution designating Broadway Redevelopment LLC as redeveloper and authorizing redevelopment agreement.

Soulard – 7th Ward
721 Victor & 2403-15 S. 7th
Resolution designating Whistler One LLC as redeveloper and authorizing redevelopment agreement.

Tower Grove South – 15th Ward
3909 Hartford
Resolution approving Blighting and advertisement for redevelopers.

Monday Preservation Board Agenda Includes 126-Unit Soulard Development

Pierre Laclede Statue4 pm Monday, July 25, 2016
St. Louis Preservation Board
1520 Market (City Hall West), Room 2000



3310, 3314 and 3318-20 Lemp Avenue, 9th Ward (Owner: These are LRA properties being purchased by Rubicom Corp) – Construction of Two Single-Family Houses and One 2-Family Building

2019 Withnell, 9th Ward (Owner: Jennifer A. Hugill, 2019 Withnell) – Appeal of Director’s Denial to Retain side porch and deck constructed without permit

3857 South Broadway, 20th Ward (Owner: JVH Properties LLC , c/o Joseph Haberstreit, 3574 Scenic Circle, Oakville MO 63129) – Appeal of Director’s Denial of Demolition

3711-3739, 3815R, 3749R Market, 3700-3800 Forest Park Ave, 17th Ward (Owner: FOPA Partners LLC, 3441 Olive, St. Louis MO 63103) – Century Electric Foundry Complex Nomination to National Register of Historic Places

4161 Castleman, 8th Ward (Owner: Robert and Suzanne Geyer, 4161 Castleman, St. Louis MO 63110) – Construct New Front Porch & Front Door replacement

5780 McPherson, 26th Ward (Owner: Smart Living By Designs LLC, 5780 McPherson, St. Louis MO 63112) – Construct One Single-Family House

1302-24 Russell, 7th Ward (Owner: Preservation Board says new owner is Maximus Holding, LLC c/o Propper Construction, but there is no deed recorded as of 7/22/2016) – Demolition of Vacant Industrial Buildings for 126-Units New Construction. Great nextSTL article. Don’t miss the comments. Good conversation going on there.

There is supposed to be an open house for the neighborhood to see what’s what on this project, and then SRG will weigh in. As I mentioned, there isn’t even a recorded deed yet, so I’m wondering why on earth this is even in front of Preservation Board already.

2301-2335 S. Kingshighway Blvd, 8th Ward (Owner: Southwest Bank of St. Louis is what Assessor says, which is odd because Southwest Bank hasn’t existed since 2010. It was M&I for awhile. It’s now BMO Harris Bank. ) – Demolition of Southwest Bank storefront and New Construction.

nextSTL article 

BMO Harris plans to keep historic Southwest Bank building on Kingshighway – St. Louis Post Dispatch

St. Louis Cultural Resources Office unenthusiastic about Southwest Bank project– St. Louis Post-Dispatch

7th Ward Committee Candidates Contact Info & Survey Answers

Vote-QuoteSorry these were not posted earlier.

While the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has ignored the Central Committee races, other media have been covering these races.

‘Young Turks’ in the city look to shape Democratic Party, one seat at a time – July 21, 2016 – St. Louis Public Radio

7th Ward Candidate Marty Murray Jr – July 21, 2016 – Umar Unplugged

Sexism, Lies and Audiotape: Top Aide to Lewis Reed Gets Caught on Covert Mission – May 23, 2016 – The Riverfront Times

August 2nd Missouri Democratic Primary 7th Ward Endorsements

7th Ward Independent Democrats have voted to endorse the following candidates and issues.  7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman Marie Ceselski supports the candidates and issues chosen by the members.

August 2, 2016 Democratic Primary
For U.S. Senator: Elect Cori Bush
For Governor: Elect Charles B. Wheeler
For Lt. Governor: Elect Tommie Pierson Sr
For Secretary of State: Elect Robin Smith
For State Treasurer: Elect Judy Baker
For Attorney General: Elect Jake Zimmerman
For U.S. House 1st District: Re-Elect Lacy Clay
For Missouri Senate 5th District: Re-Elect Jamilah Nasheed
For Missouri House 78th District: Elect Bruce Franks
For Missouri House 79th District: Re-Elect Michael Butler
For St. Louis City Circuit Attorney: Elect Kimberly M. Gardner
For St. Louis City Sheriff: Elect Vernon Betts
For St. Louis City Treasurer: Re-Elect Tishaura Jones
For 7th Ward Democratic Committeeman: Elect Marty Joe Murray Jr
For 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman: Re-Elect Marie Ceselski

Many Thanks To Our Candidate Speakers At Monday’s 6th & 7th Wards Forum

tishauraSt. Louis City Treasurer Tishaura Jones; 5th District Missouri Senate Candidates: Hon. Jamilah Nasheed and Dylan Hassinger; Missouri House Candidates: 78th District Bruce Franks and 79th Hon. Michael Butler; U.S. House Candidate: Hon. Maria Chappell-Nadal; 7th Ward Committeeman Candidate: Marty Joe Murray Jr; 6th Ward Committeeman Candidates: Matt Carroll-Schmidt and Hon. Michael Butler; 6th Ward Committeewoman Candidates: Alison Dreith and Mary Entrup