STL City Democratic Central Committee: July Treasurer’s Report

365px-DemocratslogoMeeting Notice
St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee
When: 9 am Saturday, July 16
Where: Crusoe’s, 3152 Osceola
Agenda: Filling Committee vacancies, election update, Trivia Night FR, Open Discussion

July 2016 Treasurer’s Report

As of 05-04-16, there was $38,445.06 in the State Account.

As of 07-13-16 there is 38,680.95 in the State Account

Beer and Pretzel Fundraiser
Total amount collected: $2,655.20
Checks did  not clear: $62.00
Pretzels $63.23
Printing $310.00
profit/cleared: $2,219.87
Other State Expenses
Certified Mail $3.98
Website $1000.00
Total $1003.98
As 05 -04-16, there was $14,442.47 in the Federal Account.
As of 07-13-16, there is $14,442.47 in the Federal account.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jesse Todd

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