Congratulations to the Next Gentleman From 78th: Bruce Franks, Jr.

brucerallyBruce Franks, Jr. was an amazing candidate and will make an even more amazing state representative.

Bruce won with 76.12%. That is a loud voice for change and a major rejection of the status quo by voters.

Thank you to the voters and volunteers who stepped up to the challenge in yesterday’s 78th District Missouri House Re-Vote.

We need to see that same energy and passion on November 8th for the General Election.

So, take a few days to rest up, and then it’s back to work registering voters, making phone calls, knocking on doors, writing notes to voters, and however else you can contribute to bringing change via the ballot box.

– Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Committeewoman
– Marty Murray, Jr., 7th Ward Committeeman
– 7th Ward Independent Democrats

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Franks wins big in re-do election for 78th District state representative seat

St. Louis American: ‘Thundering victory’ for Bruce Franks Jr. over Hubbard in special election

Riverfront Times: Bruce Franks Jr. Beats Penny Hubbard in Special Election Landslide

Missouri Times: Franks easily defeats Hubbard in special election

St. Louis Public Radio: Franks wins re-do primary in 78th House

KMOX Radio: Franks Wins in ‘Do-Over’ Election in Missouri House District

Channel 5 KSDK: Bruce Franks Jr. wins special election





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