Thursday SRG Meeting on 7th & Victor Redevelopment

whistler7 pm Thursday, September 29, 2016
Soulard Restoration Group Board and SRG Plan Review Team
Soulard Station, 1911 S 12th

Meeting on Project Revisions for 7th & Victor
Proposed 5-Story, 120-Unit Whistler Apartments

See drawings posted on SRG website. 

Open to the Public. The development team will be on hand to answer your questions.

This is the meeting that many of us wish had happened a long time ago. This is the project where officials were told 1-to-1 parking was not necessary because Millennials do not own cars. There was a rush to get this project approved without adequate input from neighbors. Then The Riverfront Times ran an eye-opener story about the developer. 

Special thanks to Soulardian Lillian Thompson for all her tenacious efforts to get information on this project, bring changes, and get the developers and City to listen to residents.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Committeewoman


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