7th Ward Independent Democrats 2017 General Election Endorsements

7thwardlogo9November 8, 2016 General Election
For U.S. President & Vice President: Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tim Kaine
For U.S. Senator: Elect Jason Kander
For Governor: Elect Chris Koster
For Lt. Governor: Elect Russ Carnahan
For Secretary of State: Elect Robin Smith
For State Treasurer: Elect Judy Baker
For Attorney General: Elect Teresa Hensley
For U.S. House 1st District: Re-Elect Lacy Clay
For Missouri Senate 5th District: Re-Elect Jamilah Nasheed
For Missouri House 78th District: Elect Bruce Franks
For Missouri House 79th District: Re-Elect Michael Butler
For St. Louis City Circuit Attorney: Elect Kimberly M. Gardner
For St. Louis City Sheriff: Elect Vernon Betts
For St. Louis City Treasurer: Re-Elect Tishaura Jones
Vote Yes On Amendment 1 for Renewal of Soil/Water Conservation & Parks Tax
Vote Yes on Amendment 2 for Campaign Contribution Limits
Vote No on Amendment 3 and Prop A Tobacco Industry Wrote Cigarette Taxes
Vote No on Amendment 4 Ban on Future Sales Tax Votes
Vote No on Amendment 6 Modern Day Poll Tax
Vote No on Proposition S Property Tax Increase


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