5 pm Wednesday Deadline To Request Absentee Ballot By Mail

Vote-Quote5 pm Wednesday is your last day to request an Absentee Ballot By Mail for the March 7th Primary Election for Mayor, Comptroller, Odd Numbered Wards Aldermen, 16th Ward Alderman, and Proposition S.

Board of Election Absentee Ballot Information

Absentee Ballot Department at Board of Elections: (314) 622-3319 or (314) 622-3230

You May Also Vote Absentee In Person at Board of Elections
February 27 – March 3rd, Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm
March 4th, Saturday 9 am to 1 pm

This is a partisan primary. You will be asked what party’s ballot you want. You may choose from Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian. Your other option is Nonpartisan, meaning you will vote only on Proposition S.

Board of Election Sample Ballots

League of Women Voters Voter Guide with candidate/ballot issue information

St. Louis Public Radio mayoral candidate profiles 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch mayoral candidate profiles 

St. Louis American mayoral candidate survey

Proposition S Proponent Facebook/Website
Proposition S Opponent Facebook/Website (searched but did not find, let us know if you locate one)

Tuesday LCRA Agenda Includes Some Big 7th Ward Projects

yTkejEGTE3 pm Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority
1520 Market, City Hall West, Room 2000

Agenda includes Corporate Welfare for Cupples X, Scottrade, and 705 Olive Boutique Hotel. As Team TIF pointed out on Twitter:


Full Agenda below. Agenda not posted online as of 7 pm Monday.Many thanks to Team TIF for circulating Agenda.


Wednesday-Thursday Soldiers Memorial Revitalization Forums

Memorial North Pony2Community Forums on Soldiers Memorial Revitalization Project
2 pm Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017
7 pm Thursday, Feburary 23rd, 2017
Missouri History Museum @ Forest Park
5700 Lindell

2/9/2017 St. Louis Post Dispatch: Public forums scheduled on Soldiers Memorial renovations