Wednesday LRA: Offers to Purchase, Garden Leases, Mow to Own

Pierre Laclede StatueCheck out the offers to purchase, garden leases, mows to own in your ward/neighborhood.

8:30 am Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Land Reutilization Authority
SLDC Board Room, 2nd Floor, City Hall West, 1520 Market

Meeting Agenda

In the 6th Ward…
Garden Lease: 2931 Pennsylvania, Tower Grove East, Kristine Hildebrandt
Three Offers to Purchase:
2631 Allen, Fox Park, $1,500 Offer for 2-Story Brick Residence by Mohammed Majeed
3001, 3003, 3005 Virginia, Tower Grove East, $14,100 Offer for Three Vacant Lots by Michelle Veremakis or LLC
1715 Iowa, 1716 California, 1720 California, 1722 California, Gate District, $8,000 by Lafayette & Oregon Townhomes/Mark Keoshkerian for Three Vacant Lots

In the 7th Ward…
One Offer to Purchase: 2250 Indiana, McKinley Heights, $812 Offer for vacant lot by Amy Meley

In the 9th Ward…
Mow to Own: 3318 Cherokee, Benton Park West, Charlene Young
Two Offers to Purchase:
4337 S Broadway, Mount Pleasant, $4,800 Offer for Vacant Lot by Impact Developments LLC/Alexander Killingham
3214 Pennsylvania, Benton Park West, $6,000 Offer for 2 Story Brick Four Family by Bauer Equity Partners/Doug Bauer

LRA Property Database

LRA Property List

How to Buy LRA Property

Mow to Own Program Information

Garden Lease Program Information

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