Central Committee Roll Call Vote: 8th Ward Alderman Nomination


Additional Information on this Special Election

For Paul Fehler
1st Ward Committeewoman Yolanda Brown (by Proxy)
2nd Ward Committeeman Larry Middlebrook
3rd Ward Committeewoman Lucinda Frazier
4th Ward Committeewoman Penny Hubbard (by Proxy)
6th Ward Committeeman Michael Butler
6th Ward Committeewoman Mary Entrup (by Proxy)
8th Ward Committeeman Paul Fehler
10th Ward Committeeman Robert Stelzer
10th Ward Committeewoman Michele Klupe
11th Ward Committeewoman Kathy Gamache
12th Ward Committeeman Gregg Daly
13th Ward Committeeman Michael Dauphin
13th Ward Committeewoman Lisa Bertke
14th Ward Committeeman Harry Kennedy
16th Ward Committeeman Thomas Hayes
16th Ward Committeewoman Louise Tonkovich
17th Ward Committeeman Bob Hilgemann
19th Ward Committeeman Clint Harris
19th Ward Committeewoman Queen Byrd-Scott
20th Ward Committeeman Dale Sweet
21st Ward Committeeman James Keys
21st Ward Committeewoman Laura Keys
22nd Ward Committeeman Andre Williams (by Proxy)
22nd Ward Committeewoman Norma Walker
23rd Ward Committeeman John Carpenter
23rd Ward Committeewoman Patty Ellison-Brown
24th Ward Committeeman Dan Sample
24th Ward Committeewoman Teri Powers
25th Ward Committeeman Gregory Brown
26th Ward Committeeman Joe Palm (by Proxy)
28th Ward Committeeman Arthur Perry
28th Ward Committeewoman Gail Farwell

For Annie Rice
1st Ward Committeeman Sterling Miller
3rd Ward Committeeman Anthony Bell
4th Ward Committeeman Leroy Carter
4th Ward Committeewoman Dwinderlin Evans (by Proxy)
5th Ward Committeeman Rasheen Aldridge
7th Ward Committeeman Marty Murray Jr
7th Ward Committeewoman Marie Ceselski
8th Ward Committeewoman Annie Rice
9th Ward Committeeman Bryan Walsh
9th Ward Committeewoman Sara Johnson (by Proxy)
11th Ward Committeeman Jake Hummel (by Proxy)
14th Ward Committeewoman Madeline Buthod
15th Ward Committeeman Todd Martin (by Proxy)
15th Ward Committeewoman Torrey Park
17th Ward Committeewoman Valerie Petty
18th Ward Committeeman Jesse Todd
18th Ward Committeewoman Ellen Todd (by Proxy)
20th Ward Committeewoman Wendy Campbell
25th Ward Committeewoman Lori Lamprich
26th Ward Committeewoman Karla May
27th Ward Committeeman Chris Carter Sr (by Proxy)
27th Ward Committeewoman Keena Carter

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