$50 Million Bond Issue Proposal Heads to Board of Aldermen

yTkejEGTEWe will discuss this at Sunday’s 5th & 7th Wards Meeting.

Make Your Voices Heard. Contact your Alderman and Mayor, Comptroller, Board President. Contact info at end of post.

Comptroller Darlene Green previously called for a vote on a $50 Million GO bond issue.

Step one in the process is the City Capital Committee. It met twice, neither attended by any Media, and produced the following line items for a 2018 election on a $50 Million GO Bond ballot issue:

$1 Million of the proposed $50 Million Bond Issue would go for the cost of issuance.

Fire Department
$   192,000 for 4 Command Vehicles
$   125,000 for 1 Heavy Duty Truck (Air)
$   209,000 for 1 Heavy Duty Truck (Fuel)
$1,300,000 for 100′ Aerial Platform
$1,250,000 for 5 Ambulances (Med Duty)
$8,440,000 for 8 Pumpers w/ 75′ Ladder (down from proposed 9 @ $9,495,000)
$2,400,000 for 4 Pumpers (up from proposed 2 @ $1,600,000)
$     70,000 for 1 Fire Investigation Unit Vehicle
$     60,000 for 1 Service Truck
$     60,000 for 1 Tire Truck
(Deleted- $250,000 for a Foam/Chemical Truck)
$1,105,000 for Fire Station Roofs
$   592,000 for Fire Station Generators

Police Department
$6,500,000 for Radio Equipment (placeholder amount- SLMPD radio vendor- Motorola- informed City late 2017 that it would be discontinuing service & parts supply for the units in 2018.)
$1,300,000 for Property Custody/SWAT HQ (that stands out because the 2015 GO Bond had $2,100,00 earmarked to retrofit a bldg for SLMPD property custody storage)

Corrections Department
$   165,000 for Plumbing Repair
$   200,000 for Showers & Toilets
$1,200,000 for Video Security Equipment Upgrades
$3,220,000 for Air Conditioning Dorm, Chapel, Gym, Pods, Kitchen, Cafeteria (temporary AC units will be used 2018)
$     12,000 for Sprinkler Heads (Pods)
$   900,000 for Sprinkler System (Dorm)
$   800,000 for Boiler Replacement Courts and Juvenile Detention
$5,000,000 for HVAC

City Hall & Other Municipal Buildings
$1,000,000 for HVAC $1,300,000 for Restroom Upgrades (City Hall)
$1,600,000 to Replace Electrical Switchgear & Panel Boards (City Hall, Oddly, ongoing leaking roof at City Hall, is not on the list.
$1,000,000 for Miscellaneous Building Repairs
$5,000,000 for Accounting & Payroll System
$1,500,000 for ADA Transition Plan

Bridge Projects
$2,500,000 (Southwest @ Columbia; Compton; $1 M+ needed for the Kingshighway viaduct, McRee to Manchester)

The proposal now goes to the Board of Estimate & Apportionment (E & A: Mayor, Comptroller, Board President), then Board of Aldermen, including a hearing. E & A meets this Wednesday/Jan 17th but has not posted agenda online as of noon Sunday, usually posts only 24 hours in advance.

There are no citywide elections scheduled for St. Louis City until the August Primary and November General State Elections. There is no money budgeted by the City for an April municipal election or other citywide special election. Last November’s special election costs for the vote on Prop P sales tax was funded by the use tax generated from last April’s Prop 1 sales tax for Economic Development (Metrolink expansion, neighborhood revitalization, public safety,…)

2016 GO Bond ballot issue

Here is the progress report for the 2016 GO Bond Issue

Who is on the City Capital Committee that has advanced this bond issue?
1) Budget Director (who chairs)
2) Community Development Agency Director
3) President, Board of Public Service
4) Lewis Reed, President, Board of Aldermen (or designee)
5) One Alderman appointed by Board President: 16th Ward Alderman Tom Oldeburg
6) Board of Aldermen Ways & Means Chair (or designee) – 26th Ward Alderman Frank Williamson
7) Comptroller Darlene Green (or designee)
8) One management staffer @ Comptroller Office
9) Mayor Lyda Krewson (or designee)

The City has no webpage for City Capital Committee, no Meeting Minutes posted online, and the meetings are not videotaped and posted on the City’s YoutTube channel.

There is also a Citizens Advisory Committee for Capital Expenditures established by ordinance and consisting of…
2 members appointed by each of the City’s 28 Aldermen
4 members appointed by Mayor
4 members appointed by Comptroller
4 members appointed by Board President

There is no webpage for this Citizens committee, no Meeting Minutes posted online. I have made a Sunshine request for the last Meeting Minutes of the committee in hopes of finding out who is on it. Will share when/if I get it.

The ordinances creating both of these committees are found at City Code 5.35.020, 5.35.030, 5.35.040 https://library.municode.com/mo/st._louis/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT5REFI_CH5.35CAFU_5.35.020CO

Let elected officials know what you think. Contact Information…
Mayor Lyda Krewson
Comptroller Darlene Green
Members of Board of Aldermen

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

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