Tuesday BOA Meeting On Trash Issues

dumpster210 am Tuesday, July 31st, 2018
Board of Aldermen
Streets, Traffic, Refuse Committee
Kennedy Hearing Room (208), City Hall, 1200 Market

City Calendar Notice/Agenda

Purpose, per Calendar Notice: To have public discussion on the current status of Refuse services throughout the City of St. Louis with Street Director, Refuse Commissioner, Personnel Direct and Union Representatives.

Members of the Streets Committee: Chair/22nd Ward Alderman Jeffrey L Boyd; Vice-Chair/7th Ward Alderman Jack Coatar; 2nd Ward Alderwoman Lisa Middlebrook; 3rd Ward Alderman Brandon Bosley;; 4th Ward Alderman Sam Moore; 11th Ward Alderwoman Sarah Martin; 13th Ward Alderwoman Beth Murphy; 27th Ward Alderwoman Pam Boyd. Board President Lewis Reed is a voting member of all committees.

Contact Information for Board President and all Aldermen

Wednesday Airport Commission: Privatization Not On Agenda But You Know It Will Come Up

rexcMake your voices heard. Contact the Mayor, Comptroller, Board President, BOA Transportation Chair, and your Alderman. Contact info at end of post.

2 pm Wednesday, August 1, 2018
St. Louis Lambert Airport Commission Meeting
Terminal 1, Lindbergh Conference Room (Ticketing Level)
10701 Lambert International Blvd
Open to the Public

City Online Calendar Meeting Notice/Agenda

Airport Commission webpage posting of Agenda

Airport Privatization is not specifically on the Agenda. It’s expected to come up during Other Business as this will be first Airport Commission Meeting after the Privatization Consultant Contract was signed and Selection Committee documents were released, sorta.

7/26/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Messenger: Redacted pages, ignored advice and conflicts galore: Welcome to airport privatization, St. Louis style

Lambert Airport Privatization News & Commentary Feed

The Federal Aviation Administration has closed comments on Lambert Airport Privatization (APPP). There were 52 Comments. You can view them here

The St. Louis Not For Sale initiative petition drive is underway require a public vote before Lambert Airport Privatization.

Contact Information…
Mayor Lyda Krewson
Comptroller Darlene Green (member of Airport Commission)
Board President Lewis Reed (member of Airport Commission)
Alderwoman Marlene Davis (member of Airport Commission, Chair of BOA Transportation Committee)
Members of Board of Aldermen

Monday Preservation Board: Appeals @ 1017-19 Geyer, 2254 S Grand + Draft New Construction Policy

1017Geyer4 pm Monday, July 30, 2018
St. Louis City Preservation Board
Room 2000, 1520 Market, City Hall West
Open to the Public

Online City Calendar Notice/Agenda/Last Meeting Video

Agenda With Details/Drawings/History of Structures

Comments from the Public concerning individual agenda items may be submitted up to an hour before each Board meeting and will be presented to the Board and entered in the meeting record. Address comments to: Adona Buford, Preservation Board Secretary, at buforda@stlouis-mo.gov.

Item C. (pages 13-18): 1017-1019 Geyer, Soulard, 7th Ward – Appeal of Administrative Denial for rehabilitation of remaining front wall and construction of 1-1/2-story house behind. Staff says Board should overturn. “The Director Administratively Denied the application due to time limitations under ordinances, to allow time for the applicant to consult with staff and to review plans with the neighborhood.”

Item D. (pages 19-21): 2254 S Grand @ Shenandoah, Pelican Building, Compton Hill, 6th Ward – Appeal of Director’s Denial to install 2 interior-illuminated wall signs. Staff says uphold denial.

Item E. (pages 22-23): 3400 Russell, Charles Stockstrom House, aka Magic Chef Mansion, Compton Heights, 6th Ward – Nomination to National Register

Item G. (page 27): Discussion of DRAFT, Compatible New Construction Policy – “to create a process and rules that, at least in part, deal with projects that include design components that introduce contemporary elements which intentionally differentiate from the historic context. This policy would be followed when there are proposals for new structures in local historic districts and in National Register Districts/Preservation Review Districts.”

Monday Drinking Liberally Cancelled

dljulyHost needs to be somewhere else.

August 27th Drinking Liberally Happy Hour will have the same speaker set for the now cancelled meeting: St. Louis Not For Sale, the initiative petition drive effort for a public vote on Rex Sinquefield’s airport privatization scam.

We will obtain a copy of the petition to scan, post online, and share before August 7th Election. There will be petition signature gatherers at polling places. Having a chance to read/study the petition in advance is in everyone’s best interest.

Those of you who were coming to the now cancelled Happy Hour are encouraged to attend The Big Trash Meeting.

Monday Soulard Safety Committee Meeting

soulard-sign-outside7 pm Monday, July 30, 2018
Soulard Restoration Group
Safety Committee Meeting
Soulard Station, 1911 S 12th
Open to the Public

+Crime Stats
+Incidents of Concern – Discussion of new items and review of action items
+Court Advocacy Efforts – NIS statements for upcoming cases & Neighborhood Victim Support
+Neighborhood Public Security Camera Status Update
+Soulard Special Business District Items
+Next Meeting

SRG Safety Committee is not the Soulard Special Business District, special taxing district for property tax to fund extra security. Next meeting of SSBD should be July 9th. Boundaries:


SRG Safety Committee is also not the proposed Soulard Community Improvement District, a special taxing district for a sales tax to fund improvements. Boundaries:

Monday Trash & Fireworks Citywide Town Hall Meeting

dumpster6-8 pm Monday, July 30, 2018
Citywide Town Hall on Fireworks & Trash & Issues
6 pm Fireworks
7 pm Trash
Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 Hall
2319 Chouteau

With 3rd Ward Alderman Brandon Bosley, 6th Ward Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia, 11th Ward Alderwoman Sarah Martin, 12th Ward Alderman Larry Arnowitz, 14th Ward Alderwoman Carol Howard, 15th Ward Alderwoman Megan Green, 16th Ward Alderman Tom Oldenburg, 20th Ward Alderwoman Cara Spencer, and Mayor’s Office

Facebook Event

10 am Tuesday, July 31st, there is a Board of Aldermen Streets Committee Meeting on Trash Issues 

One of seven fireworks debris piles from sweeping up vacant lot @ Lafayette & 13th two weeks after July 4th. Small children go looking for unspent fireworks at these types of illegal fireworks locations, making it imperative that they be cleaned up for safety reasons. Proper fireworks disposal requires dousing the fireworks with water, then wrapping in plastic to retain moisture before taking to dumpster.

Wednesday LRA Meeting: Offers on Parcels in Bohemian Hill & Downtown

meetingreminder8:30 am Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Land Reutilization Authority
SLDC Board Room, 2nd Floor, 1520 Market, City Hall West
Open to the Public
Arrive by 8:15 to sign-in to speak.
City Online Calendar Notice


#16 $10,000 Offer by Julio C. Gonzalez for 0.073 acres vacant lot @ 521 S 18th, Downtown West, 6th Ward – 5 Month Option

#17 $4,000 Offer by Sell In The STL Group, LLC/Thomas Blair for side lot @ 1729 S. Tucker, Bohemian Hill, 7th Ward