Tuesday Liquor License Hearings: 3 Downtown, 1 Benton Park

saloon9:00 am Tuesday, December 18th, 2018
Excise Commission Hearing
Room 418, City Hall, 1200 Market
Open to the Public

City Calendar Notice/Agenda

9:00 am Hearing
1821 Cherokee @ Lemp, Benton Park, 9th Ward: Bluewood Brewing LLC d/b/a Bluewood Brewing – Full Drink/Sunday/Microbrewery) – Gerald Moberg Jr., Managing Officer

9:20 am Hearing
705 Olive, Downtown, 7th Ward: 705 Olive LLC d/b/a Hotel Saint Louis – Full Drink/Sunday/Summer – Amrit B Gill, Managing Officer

9:40 am Hearing
1101 Lucas, Downtown, 5th Ward: LaBamba LLC d/b/a El Burro Loco – Full Drink/Sunday – Ludovico Marin, Managing Officer

10:00 am Hearing 440 N 4th #170, Downtown/Laclede’s Landing: Top Notch Axe LLC d/b/a Top Notch Axe Throwing– Full Drink – Joseph Pinster, Managing Officer¬†

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