Monday Meeting On Backdoor Plan To Limit Governance By School Board

school7:30 am Monday, April 1, 2019
Consortium Partnership Network Meeting
SLPS Administration Building
801 N 11th
Open Meeting followed by Closed Meeting

Notice/Agenda on SLPS website

The Consortium is a plan by the (Appointed) Special Administrative Board to remove schools from governance of the Elected St. Louis City School Board. It’s expected that the State will end the Special Administrative Board’s control of St. Louis Public Schools soon and return SLPS governance to the Elected School Board.

It is exactly what parents, educators, and the public told the (Appointed) Special Administrative Board’s Task Force on Governance that they did not want- a hybrid version of governance instead of governance by the Elected Board.

Autonomy of public schools is the latest incarnation of so-called school choice and privatized public schools paid for with public tax dollars.

According to School Board Candidate David Merideth, in response to a question on the Consortium Partnership Network in St. Louis Schools Watch Candidate Survey: “The CPN board will consist of the president of the governing body of SLPS, the superintendent of SLPS, a parent representative of a school assigned to the district and an appointee of both the mayor and the president of the board of aldermen.”

We’re right back to the hybrid school district governance model- some schools governed by Elected School Board and some governed by political appointees- that we were told by experts, at the November 13, 2017, Task Force on Governance Meeting, was a bad idea.

Tuesday, April 2nd is a very important School Board Election. Which School Board Candidates are backed by the people and dark money working for public school privatization? Adam Layne and Tracee Miller. Don’t let them get elected. Vote for David Merideth and Louis Cross.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

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