CANCELLED. Mayor’s Freeholders might get confirmed Today/Wednesday

citycountymap2See St. Louis Post-Dispatch story on Cancellation.

Deadline for confirmation by Board of Aldermen of Mayor Lyda Krewson’s 9 Board of Freeholder Nominees is Today/Wednesday.

Last Night/Tuesday, St. Louis County Council confirmed 8 of 9 Nominees made by County Executive Sam Page. The 9th Nominee has been out of the country and not available for a vetting meeting with County Council. She will likely be confirmed next week.

Under Missouri Constitution, Governor appoints 19th Freeholder, someone from outside City and County. Yesterday, Governor Mike Parson appointed someone who lives in Jefferson County but owns property and works at a law firm in St. Louis County. I don’t think that embraces the spirit of the constitutional provision- someone without a vested interest in outcome of Freeholders, someone neutral.

The hold up in City on confirmation is representation of North City on the Freeholders Board. Of the Mayor’s 9 Nominees, only one resides in North City.

The Mayor’s Nominees were sent to Board of Aldermen’s Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. It met once to vet Nominees and has meet twice to deliberate and vote on Nominees. No vote has taken place. The fourth meeting is today.

2:30 pm Wednesday, October 23, 2019
St. Louis City Board of Aldermen
Intergovernmental Affairs Committee
Meeting on Mayor’s Nominees to City-County Board of Freeholders Meeting Notice/Agenda

Also scheduled for a special meeting today is the Full Board of Aldermen. The Full Board has its regularly scheduled meetings on Fridays, except when Friday is a holiday weekend.

If Intergovernmental Affairs Committee does not approve the Mayor’s Nominees, there may be a move to bypass the Committee and bring the Nominees to floor for vote by Full Board. Whether they can do that legally is in question. Board of Aldermen Rules provide a mechanism to remove “bills” from committees and bring them to Full Board without approval by committee. But nominations by Mayor are not bills. There is no bill sponsor or document other than letter from Mayor announcing her nominee.

4 pm Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Board of Aldermen
Meeting Agenda includes Mayor’s Nominees to City-County Board of Freeholders Meeting Notice/Agenda

Board of Freeholders background information
News archive since 11/2018 on Freeholders and County Charter Commission
Freeholder-related meeting information
may be found at the St. Louis City-County Board of Freeholders News Feed

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