Monday Night Soulard Safety Forum

soulardsafetyThis event is sponsored by the special property tax district for part of Soulard that pays for additional security by off duty police officers in part of Soulard via contract with The City’s Finest, the company with the vehicles marked with controversial “Police.”

7 pm Monday, November 11, 2019
Soulard Special Business District
Soulard Safety Forum
Molly’s, 816 Geyer
Open to the Public

St. Louis Police Department
The City’s Finest
Soulard Special Business District Commissioners
7th Ward Alderman Jack Coatar

The owner of the event venue- Luke Reynolds- is also the SSBD Chair, who also helped run the recent campaign for a sales tax to fund the Soulard Community Improvement District.

SSBD does not post Board Meeting Agendas on its website.

SSBD does not post Board Meeting Minutes on its website.

SSBD has not posted any budget information other than this chart since 2015.


Here is the 2017 Resolution approved by the Board of Aldermen for the 2018-2019 SSBD Budget. It includes $300,000 for the contract with TCF and an additional $10,000 for something called “Recognition – TCF Officers.”

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