Tuesday Airport Privatization Scam Meeting

rexcA lot has gone on in the privatization process for St. Louis Lambert Airport over the past week. The Airport Commission, which will have no say on privatization, had a heated conversation with Deputy Mayor Linda Martinez, the Mayor’s staff lead on privatization.  During the grilling, it was discovered that Martinez is not familiar with “risk assessment.”

Board President Lewis Reed, who has a seat on the Airport Commission, told Channel 2 Fox News that the Airport Commission has a say in privatization, which is incorrect.

There is a lot of land around airport (but not all) that is OK environmentally, according to a consultant, and can be developed, either by the City after bonds paid off in a few years or via lease of operations (privatization). The Rex Inc Airport Privatization Scam is as much about land development as it is making money for consultants.

But there’s also airport related land with environmental issues and a Sunshine request has been made to get the information.

Board Bill 175 was filed to require a public vote on privatization of City assets, including but not limited to St. Louis Lambert Airport.

And to no one’s surprise, Friday, a lawsuit was finally filed against the City for conducting airport privatization business in private and to void decisions made in private. 

Make your voices heard on Airport Privatization. Contact the Mayor, Comptroller, Board President, BOA Transportation Chair, and your Alderman. Comment online to Federal Aviation Administration. Contact links provided in this post.

11 am Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Airport Privatization Advisory Working Group Meeting
Third Floor Conference Room, 1520 Market Street, City Hall West
Most of the Meeting will be Closed to the Public

City Calendar Meeting Notice

Agenda. It’s not clear from the Agenda if the Request for Proposals will be issued this week or not. Once that happens, the timeline for privatization may be within six months.

Video of 12/05/2019 Meeting of the Airport Privatization Working Group (the part open to the public)

Video of the 12/04/2019 Airport Commission Meeting where Commissioners took the Mayor’s staff to woodshed.

St. Louis Lambert Airport Privatization News & Commentary Feed(news articles from 3/23/2017 to Present as well as information on pending legislation for a public vote on airport privatization and grant funding for privatization research)

Please post a comment online to Federal Aviation Administration on St. Louis Lambert Airport Privatization (APPP) here. There are 123 Comments last I checked. You can view them here. 

The St. Louis Not For Sale Prop V initiative petition drive is underway to require a public vote before Lambert Airport Privatization. https://www.facebook.com/STLNFS/

Contact Information…
Mayor Lyda Krewson
Comptroller Darlene Green (member of Airport Commission)
Board President Lewis Reed (member of Airport Commission)
Alderwoman Marlene Davis (member of Airport Commission, Chair of BOA Transportation Committee)
Members of Board of Aldermen

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