UPDATED: Sunshine Request For Soulard CID Tax Election Results

Updated January 13, 2020 with January 10, 2020 response from David G. Richardson, Husch Blackwell, attorney for Soulard Community Improvement District. The records will be turned over by January 17th. You would think that part of the records could be turned over immediately. Hard to believe the election authority- Husch Blackwell- does not have a file folder with a letter to Soulard CID Board with number of  votes cast, number of Yes votes, number of No votes, that could be forwarded as partial  comply with Sunshine request.


Imagine if your city had a website that failed to provide contact information- no physical address, no phone number, and the email link was dead, but if you clicked on and read every page, eventually you’d find the email address buried on another page.

Imagine if your city held a tax election where the ballots were mailed and counted by a law firm, not conducted by your Election Board or elected County Clerk or Election Director, and the election results were not posted online except percentage of Yes and No votes.

That’s the situation with Soulard Community Improvement District. It is, under State law, a taxing district, a political subdivision, a governmental unit. It is bigger than many cities in Missouri. And it has a transparency problem, which would come as no surprise to the Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway.

Soulard CID held a mail in sales tax election conducted by its legal counsel- Husch Blackwell.


It has failed to publish election results even remotely resembling that what would happen in an election conducted by Board of Election.


To get the election results, I have made a Sunshine request today.


I’ll let you know the response. I plan on writing more on this faux election later.

— Marie Ceselski, former 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman



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