About 1st Congressional District Committee

There is no official website or Facebook page for the Missouri Democratic Party’s 1st Congressional District. As a Democratic Committeewoman, I received email notices for meetings.  As a former Committeewoman, I do not get notices, so this page will not be updated regularly. 365px-Democratslogo


Meeting Notice
2 pm Saturday, September 15, 2018
Missouri Democratic Party 1st Congressional District Committee
Normandy City Hall, 7700 Natural Bridge
Public Transit: #4 Natural Bridge
Open to the Public

Agenda: Election of 2018-2020 Officers- Chair and Vice-Chair from among Committee Members (one male, one female), Secretary and Treasurer from within the District (one make, one female).

2018-2020 Officers
Chair: Marty Murray Jr MissouriForMurray@outlook.com
Vice Chair: Rochelle Gray
Secretary: Rasheen Aldridge themighty5thward@gmail.com
Treasurer: Yolanda Henderson

In the event of a vacancy in the 1st Congressional seat, these are the people who will vote on the Democratic Party’s nominee for a Special Election. The officers will run 1st Congressional District Delegate Selection in 2020.

Officers and Committee Members

Applicable State Party By-Laws

Applicable State Laws