5th Senatorial District Officers and Members

2016-2020 Officers
Chair: Michael Butler, 6th Ward, michaelbutler08@gmail.com
Vice Chair: Laura Keys, 21st Ward, lakey513@gmail.com
Secretary: Yolanda Brown, 1st Ward, yoyobroward1@gmail.com
Treasurer: James Keys, 21st Ward, jkeys3050@gmail.com

Committee Members
1st Ward Committeeman Sterling Miller SS.MILLER29@gmail.com
1st Ward Committeewoman Yolanda Brown yoyobroward1@gmail.com
2nd Ward Committeeman Larry Middlebrook larrymiddlebrook@yahoo.com
2nd Ward Committeewoman Elicia Middlebrook edmiddlebrook@yahoo.com
3rd Ward Committeeman Anthony Bell bellanthony3w@yahoo.com
3rd Ward Committeewoman Lucinda Frazier CONCINDA@aol.com
4th Ward Committeeman Leroy Carter CLEROY5874@gmail.com
4th Ward Committeewoman Dwinderlin Evans DEVANS.WWP@gmail.com
5th Ward Committeeman Rasheen Aldridge themighty5thward@gmail.com
5th Ward Committeewoman Penny Hubbard PENNYHUBBARD4STATEREP@yahoo.com
6th Ward Committeeman Michael Butler MICHAELBUTLER08@gmail.com
6th Ward Committeewoman Mary Entrup MARYENTRUP@gmail.com
7th Ward Committeeman Marty Murray, Jr. MissouriForMurray@outlook.com
7th Ward Committeewoman Marie Ceselski stlcity7thward@aol.com
8th Ward Committeeman Paul Fehler PFEHLER@gmail.com
8th Ward Committeewoman Annie Lee Rice annierice8thward@gmail.com
9th Ward Committeeman Bryan Walsh walshbryan5@gmail.com
9th Ward Committeewoman Sara Johnson SARAMARIEJOHNSON@gmail.com
10th Ward Committeeman Robert Stelzer ROBERTSTELZER@yahoo.com
10th Ward Committeewoman Michelle Klupe micheleklupe@gmail.com
11th Ward Committeeman Jake Hummel jakehummel@yahoo.com
11th Ward Committeewoman Kathy Gamache IRISH1KATH@aol.com
12th Ward Committeeman Gregory F.X. Daly gregoryfxdaly@gmail.com
12th Ward Committeewoman Gerre Kraemer
13th Ward Committeeman Michael Dauphin MICHAEL.DAUPHIN@gmail.com
13th Ward Committeewoman Lisa Bertke LISA.BERTKE@sbcglobal.net
14th Ward Committeeman Harry Kennedy HARRY-KENNEDY@sbcglobal.net
14th Ward Committeewoman MADELINEBUTHOD@gmail.com
15th Ward Committeeman Todd A. Martin tod@todamartin.com
15th Ward Committeewoman Torrey Park TORREYINMOTION@gmail.com
17th Ward Committeeman Robert Hilgemann RHILGEMANN@yahoo.com
17th Ward Committeewoman Valerie Petty vpetty@courts.mo.gov
18th Ward Committeeman Jesse Todd TODDJESSE18@yahoo.com
18th Ward Committeewoman Ellen Todd EXOTICBEAUTY1922@yahoo.com
19th Ward Committeeman Clint Harris CH63@live.com
19th Ward Committeewoman Queen Byrd-Scott WONDERLANDDAYCARE@sbcglobal.net
20th Ward Committeeman Dale Sweet DALESWEET@sbcglobal.net
20th Ward Committeewoman Wendy Campbell committeewomanwendy@gmail.com
21st Ward Committeeman James Keys JKEYS3050@gmail.com
21st Ward Committeewoman Laura M. Keys lakey513@gmail.com
25th Ward Committeeman Gregory Brown gdubrown@gmail.com
25th Ward Committeewoman Lori Lamprich elamprich@gmail.com
27th Ward Committeeman Chris Carter WCARTER331@yahoo.com
27th Ward Committeewoman Vacant due to election of Pamela Boyd to Alderman
28th Ward Committeeman Art Perry aperrycons@aol.com
28th Ward Commiteewoman Gail Farwell GAILFARWELL@gmail.com