January 27, 2018 Meeting Minutes

365px-democratslogoNote: The Minutes do not accurately reflect the sequence of events of this meeting. I, the 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman, was present for a good portion of the meeting. The early part of the meeting was allowed to digress from the Agenda to anger over 8th Ward Democratic Committeewoman Annie Rice’s run as an Independent for 8th Ward Alderwoman and committee people who supported her. I heard little of the condemnation specifics as I am deaf and the group refuses to use a sound system despite repeated requests. My understanding, a misunderstanding, was the issue of requesting the 8th Ward Committeewoman to resign had been tabled to another meeting. It was a logical conclusion since it was an important issue, was never on the Agenda, and the 8th Ward Committeewoman was at another meeting. Per the Minutes, the resignation issue came up, again, under General Discussion and after I, carrying the 8th Ward Committeewoman’s proxy, had left for another meeting.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman