May 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Meeting called to order at 9:15 A.M. by Bob Hilgemann, Chairman

40 Members were present and 8 proxies were present for a quorum

Bob Hilgemann:  vacancy in 27th Ward Committeewoman position

Chris Carter nominated Keena Carter as Committeewoman for 27th Ward – seconded by Lucinda Frazier – approved by unanimous consent – no other nominations made

Bob Hilgemann: vacancy 28th Ward Alderman position

Gail Farwell nominated Elise Miller Hoffman – seconded by Arthur Perry

Gail and Arthur spoke regarding the process they followed in selecting a nominee which included interview individuals who were interested in the position

Nomination was approved by unanimous consent – no other nominations made

Vernon Betts – Sheriff informed everyone of status of several bills regarding the Sheriff’s Office that would make the office appointed by the Judges and other detrimental actions; explained problems having his budget approved and requested continued support from committee

Comitteeman/Senator Jake Hummel gave an update regarding actions in the State Senate – Republicans are in control of both the Senate and the House but they can’t get bills passed due to in-fighting

Committeewoman/Representative Karla May and Committeeman/Representative Mike Butler gave update regarding House activities

Dale Sweet – Thanks to everyone for their hard work and congratulations on defeating Props A & B

Annie Rice – announced upcoming VAN training

Alderman Pam Boyd addressed the group

Meeting adjourned – no future meeting scheduled