October 2017 Meeting Minutes

CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES (as amended, shown by italics)

Saturday, October 21,  2017

Meeting called to order at 9:10 A.M. by Bob Hilgemann, Chairman

29 Members were present and 14 proxies were present for a quorum

Minutes from previous meeting read and accepted

Treasurer’s report was presented and approved

Bob Hilgemann:  Introduced Mayor Lyda Krewson to speak in favor of Proposition P

Mayor Krewson: spoke regarding Proposition P and explained that the additional sales tax from this Proposition would fund Police, Fire and Circuit Attorney salary increases, additionally money from this fund will also be allocated towards programs for youth.

The Mayor answered questions from the group and explained that the tax would amount to ½ of 1%.  Also discussed the issues facing St. Louis City in hiring and retaining qualified police officers due to lower salaries than St. Louis County and other surrounding Counties.

The Mayor spoke on the appointment of Dr. Alice Prince as the Director of Slate and explained several programs that she has implemented since her appointment.

Concern about St. Louis City especially areas with CID’s have higher tax rate than

St. Louis County which could hurt local businesses.  Concern about audit reports concerning Police overtime was discussed.  The Mayor stated that overtime is being closely looked at each pay period.

Many of the Committee expressed their desire to improve overall relationship with Police Department and also expressed their appreciation for many of the officers assigned to their areas.

Annie Rice: Gave opposing comments to Proposition P citing concerns of higher sales tax in St. Louis City preventing businesses to be competitive with St. Louis County businesses, the audit results of the gross overtime and the belief that strategic budget cuts in the Police Department could negate the need for the tax increase.

Open discussion:  Included discussion of the letter sent to the Mayor over the concerns about the Police Department, members who had not previously signed the letter were invited to sign. 

Open discussion: Included in the discussion were topics such as members who do not participate with the body on a regular basis and future fund raising needs.

Meeting adjourned

2018 Meeting Schedule: January 20, 2018, April 21, 2018, July 21, 2018 and October 20, 2018.   Locations to be determined.