September 9, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Saturday, September 9, 2017
Meeting called to order at 9:10 A.M. by Bob Hilgemann, Chairman

36 Members were present and 11 proxies were present for a quorum

Bob Hilgemann: Vacancy in 24th Ward Committeeman due to resignation of Athony Brascia

Terry Powers nominated Daniel Sample, second was made and approved unanimously

Bob Hilgemann: Vacancy in 2nd Ward Alderman due to resignation of Dionne Flowers, special election will be held on November 7, 2017 – Larry Middlebrook nominated Elicia Middlebrook to be the Democratic nominee for 2nd Ward Alderman at the November Election, second was made and approved unanimously

Elicia Middlebrook addressed the group and expressed interest in continuing to work with the Committee

Reverend David Telth and Ben Murray: spoke for the Clean MO Constitution Drive and explained the intent of the measure and how also clarified that it was not just about campaign finance, but also included redistricting issues as well as requiring a 2 year waiting period for any legislators to begin lobbying.

Lori Lamprich made a motion to endorse the Clean MO Consitution Drive – second by Lucinda Frazier – passed unanimously

Annie Rice: Spoke regarding the DACA issue – Annie made a motion for the Committee to go on record requesting our State and Federal Legislators to join in voicing opposition to the President’s Order – second was made by several – passed unanimously

Rasheen Aldridge: Spoke regarding the effort to increase the minimum wage, still gathering signatures –

Discussion was held about the impact on small business and clarification of businesses that will be exempt was explained

Rasheen Aldridge: made a motion for the Committee to go on record in support of increasing the minimum wage to $12.00 per hr by 2023 and gradual increase to $15.00 per hr following – second was made by several members – passed unanimously

Kathy Gamache: Requested that individuals who introduce motions on issues that the Committee agrees to take a position on should draft a press release with the language of the position and send it to her for distribution to the press

Bob Hilgemann: State Party is hosting a dinner on Saturday, November 4 at the Downtown Marriott. Al Franken will be the guest speaker. The Central Committee is purchasing a table, if anyone is interested in attending the event please let Kathy Gamache know ASAP.

Susan Jones, President of the St. Louis School Board spoke on the on-going issues with the Interim Board and the Elected Board – requesting the Committee help support the Elected Board by attending their meetings and showing support – the next School Board meeting will be Tuesday, September 12 at 6:30 at Wilkinson School.

Mark Osmark – Candidate for 2nd Congressional District spoke about his campaign

Annie Rice: Announced the NARAL Gala is scheduled for October 7, 2017, Jason Kander will be the guest speaker

Jessie Todd: Spoke about signature gathering effort for to place the Reduction of the Board of Alderman back on the ballot, need approximately 28,000 signatures paying $1.00 per signature

Rob Stelzer: Spoke about the Reduction and reminded everyone that it is imperative to not only think about the reduction of Alderman but the reduction of Committee members as well. It is very difficult to work the wards and perform the needed GOTV responsibilities without having double the constituents. Also no cost saving will be accomplished

Bryan Walsh: Announced 9th Ward fundraiser Thursday, September 14, at the Jefferson Underground everyone is welcome to attend

Bob Hilgemann: Appointed Bi-laws committee – Bob Hilgemann Chair, Rob Stelzer,
Tom Hayes, Annie Rice, Dale Sweet, Mike Butler, Terry Powers, Rasheen Aldridge and Yolanda Brown – Bob will call the 1st meeting

Discussion was had regarding setting a regular meeting at least every 3 months. – Bob to set schedule and location – wants to try to schedule on Saturday mornings or Thursday evenings to accommodate the State Representatives and Senator on the Committee

Karla May: Requested the bi-laws committee outline any standing committees and how members are appointed – also discussed how to handle members who do not attend meetings

Meeting adjourned