April 2018 Treasurer’s Report

St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee
4/21/2018 Treasurer’s Report

State Account

Last Treasurer’s Report there was $32,226.12 in the State Account.
There is currently 31,325.11 in the State Account.


Web Page: $45.00

Refreshments/snacks @ Executive Committee Meeting:  $56.56

STLDCCC/breakfast/meeting/Chris’s At The Docket: $656.01

Total Expenditures:  $756.57


Collected Filing Fees for Collector of Revenue, License Collector (2), Recorder of Deeds (3) Filing on our name and brand- 6 candidates @ $50.00 each: $300.00

Total Receipts:  $300.00

Federal Account

Last Central Committee meeting we had $11,745.33 in the Federal Account.
We currently have $11,734.29 in the Federal Account.


Certified Mail (last quarter + this quarter): $12.00

Total Expenditures: $12.00

Donation to STLDCCC: $0.96

Last Central Committee we had 19 stamps
We currently have 19 stamps + 17 manila envelopes

Labor, supplies, usage of equipment, utilities donated

Respectfully Submittedm
Jesse Todd