January 2017 Treasurer’s Report

At the last Central Committee meeting, 10-08-16, I reported  that we had $30,892.90 in the state account. We currently have $28,297.59 in the state account.
Spent: Maggie O’Brien’s ( refreshments/snacks) $790.61; mailings $92.38; stamps $94.00; envelopes $81.51. Total : $1,058.50
Contributions received for fundraiser: $4,632.00
Missouri Democratic State Committee: $15,000.00
Missouri for Kander: $15,000.00
UAW Region 5 PAC (19th Ward Committeeman Clint Harris):  $5,100.00
Money Spent
26 Wards were given $1,500.00 each. 1 through 8, 10 through 18, 20 through 28: $39,000.00

* The 9th Ward has not submitted  a ballot. Therefore , they did not get any money. They personally paid their election day expenses. They  will be given their $1,500.00 when I get their ballot.

* The 19th Ward submitted a ballot. The Central Committee paid for it. They have an organization. Their paper work had not been cleared by the state to set up an organization by election day. Therefore,  Central Committee paid their election day expenses- ballots, poll workers, food, refreshments, etc.: $1,400.00. The 19th Ward is owed $100.00 when their paperwork clears through the state.
Other Expenses
Ordered Checks $39.00
Breakfast/Executive Committee meeting $50.00
Website $60.00
Name Tags $72.38
City /County Christmas Party $112.12
Central Committee meeting/breakfast $132.06
Total $465.50
As of 10-08-16, there was $14,333.84 in the Federal Account. Currently there is $14,322. Collected: $1.45 via Act Blue. Spent: Certified Mail/20 stamps $13.17 ( I have not used any of the stamps)
Happy New Year!
Jesse Todd