January 2018 Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report: 01-27-2018

Last Treasurer’s Report On Hand:  $36,777.81
Current On Hand: $32,226.12

Web Page: $45.00
Refreshments/Snacks, Executive Committee Meeting: $56.56
Petitions (Leroy Carter, 4th Ward): $114.00
Refreshments for Christmas Party: $276.16
16th Ward Democratic Organization (April 4, 2017, General Election): $402.00
Central Committee Meeting (Andre Williams; 22nd Ward): $500.00
Central Committee Meeting (Atomic Cowboy): $1031.00
Missouri Democratic Party State Committee (Dinner): $2,500.00

Deposits: “Collected Filing Fee for Alderman, 8thWard, filing on our name and brand:  $373.00”

Last Central Committee Meeting On Hand: $14,321.72
Current On Hand: $11,745.33

Manila Envelopes: $5.46
Stamps: $7.44
Certified mail: 1/4/2018 Report/ End of Year Report: $7.49
Post Office Box Renewal: $74.00
Petitions (Willie C. Carter, 27th Ward): $432.00
Petitions, (Jesse Todd, 18th Ward, 2050 petition signatures. I gave a copy of each petition to Chairman Bob Hilgemann and Vice Chairwoman Lucinda Frazier. I committed to getting 4,000 signatures.  have to get I,950 more signatures.): $2050.00

Last Central Committee we had 0 stamps. We currently have 19 stamps and 17 manila envelopes. Labor, supplies, usage of equipment, utilities donated.

Respectfully submitted: Jesse Todd