October 2016 Treasurer’s Report, Central Committee

At the last Central Committee meeting,09-10-2016, I reported that we had $36,343.70 in the state account.

We currently have $30, 892.90 in the state account.

Money spent from the state account:

Executive Committee Meeting /dinner/fund raiser discussion etc. $70.00

Stamps/mailing/fund raiser $94.00

Imo’s Pizza ( Central Committee reorganization meeting, 08/16/ 16 $187.56

Sun Ministries / breakfast /Central Committee Meeting $425.00

Blackwell Digital- Web Page $1,000.00

Muller Sign Shop – Hillary Signs $3,674.00

Total $5,450.00

Federal Account: I reported at our last Central Committee meeting we had $14,437.82.

Currently we have $14,433.84.

Spent: $3.98 , Certified Mail/1/4 report/Washington, DC

Respectfully Submitted : Jesse Todd