7th Ward April 7th General Election Endorsements

7th Ward Independent Democrats have voted to endorse the following candidates on the April 7, 2015 General Election Ballot:
Re-Elect Board President Lewis Reed
Elect Jack Coatar for 7th Ward Alderman
Re-Elect Katherine Wessling for Board of Education
Elect Charli Cooksey for Board of Education

7th Ward Independent Democrats have voted to make No Endorsement on:
Lafayette Square Special Business District

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Proponent Speaker Needed On Lafayette Square Special Business District

We need a Proponent Speaker on the Lafayette Square Special Business District for our 7 pm Monday April General Election Forum. Unfortunately, “Looking Forward Lafayette Square, SBD Study Committee” is not able to provide a Proponent Speaker because of the late notice on our part. The request for a speaker was made this week because we believed that we had a Proponent Speaker and it turned out that we didn’t. Miscommunication on our part.

In lieu of a Proponent Speaker, the group has advised us to refer people to the Lafayette Square website. We have an Opponent Speaker booked, so sending people to a website does not provide proper balance on the topic at Monday night’s event.

We are in search of someone to take one for democracy, read up on the issue from that website, and speak in favor of the ballot issue at the Monday event.

If you are interested in this assignment, please email ward7stl@aol.com or call 436-5311.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

2015 St. Louis City School Board Candidates

We will update this information as it is made available to us by the candidates.

Candidate Survey Responses are here.

In Filing Order

Candidate: Natalie A. Vowell
Ballot Name: Natalie A. Vowell
Address: 3867 Shaw Blvd, Apt. 3E, St. Louis MO 63110
Neighborhood/Ward: Shaw, 19th Ward
Occupation: Executive Director, Project Raise The Roof
Cell or Home Phone: 479-387-2328
Email: natalievowell@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/votevowell
Campaign Website: www.votevowell.com
Twitter: @NatalieAVowell

Candidate: Thomas R. Oldenburg
Ballot Name: Thomas R. Oldenburg
Address: 6430 Winona, St. Louis 63109
Neighborhood/Ward: St. Louis Hills, 16th Ward
Cell or Home Phone: 314-420-4846
Campaign Website:

Candidate: David L. Jackson, Jr.
Ballot Name: David L. Jackson, Jr.
Address: 3823 Sullivan, St. Louis, 63107
Neighborhood/Ward: JeffVanderLou, 3rd Ward
Occupation: DLJ Construction
Cell or Home Phone: 314-565-9476
Email: david_l_jackson_jr@yahoo.com
Campaign Website: https://stldavidjackson.wordpress.com/

Candidate: Katherine M. Wessling
Ballot Name: Katherine Wessling
Address: 5725 Holly Hills, St. Louis, 63109
Neighborhood/Ward: Princeton Heights, 12th Ward
Occupation: Attorney
Cell or Home Phone: 314-799-6668
Email: jtwktw@sbcglobal.net
Campaign Website:

Candidate: Charli A. Cooksey
Ballot Name: Charli A. Cooksey
Address: 4190 Sacramento, St. Louis, 63115
Neighborhood/Ward: O’Fallon, 21st Ward
Occupation: Executive Director, inspireSTL
Cell or Home Phone: 314-348-0392
Email: charli.cooksey@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Charli-Cooksey/731275410314356
Campaign Website: http://www.cookseyforstl.com/
Twitter: @CharliCooksey

Candidate: Joey C. Hollins
Ballot Name: Joey C. Hollins
Address: 3647 Lafayette, St. Louis 63110
Neighborhood/Ward: Tiffany, 19th Ward
Cell or Home Phone: 314-458-5885
Campaign Website:

Help Us Draft School Board Candidates Survey

We’re looking for some help in creating a questionnaire for St. Louis City School Board Candidates and questions for a 7 pm Monday, March 16 7th Ward School Board Candidates Forum at Lafayette Park United Methodist Church, open to public.

Would appreciate your help. Please post questions here or on NextDoor thread. Thank You.