Community Development Block Grant Applications Due Aug. 30th

yTkejEGTEDoes your nonprofit provide programs that

🔵 Principally benefit low-moderate income persons and/or

🔵 Prevents or eliminates a slum or blight and/or

🔵 Addresses an urgent need or problem in the community

Check out the Community Development Block Grant process to see if your organization qualifies for funding. 

Thursday Hearing On Moving Block Grant $ To Vacant Bldg Demos & Clinton-Peabody Renovations

cdbgActually two more Community Development Administration public hearings.

6-8 pm Thursday, June 28, 2018
Five Star Senior Center
2832 Arsenal

2-4 pm Friday, June 29, 2018
CDA Boardroom, 1520 Market Street #2000

Open to the Public, sign in to testify

City Online Calendar Notice

Proposal is to move $829,109 not spent on programs over to Clinton-Peabody renovations and vacant house demolitions.

List of community and development agencies receiving block grant funds and fund balance.

Some of the unspent funds… $100,000 wasn’t spent by Beyond Housing on the City’s Down Payment Assistance program. $19,000 from three line items wasn’t spent on expanded recreation programs. $45,000 from two line items wasn’t spent on tax prep assistance programs. Haven of Grace serves young pregnant homeless women but didn’t spend $50,000 in grant money.