Committeewoman Requests Democratic Central Committee Oppose Treasurer Legislation

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Dem City Central Committee To Meet On 28th Ward Nomination, Again

365px-DemocratslogoSt. Louis Democratic City Central Committee
5:30 pm Thursday, May 18
Atomic Cowboy, 4140 Manchester
Open to the Public

1. 28th Ward Alderperson vacancy (previous nominee did not qualify to be on ballot)
2. Report from Steve Weber, Chair, Missouri Democratic Party

Most Recent Meeting Minutes 

Most Recent Treasurer’s Report

News articles relating to 28th Ward nomination…

5/10/2017 The Riverfront Times: Elise Miller Hoffman, Democrat Pick for Krewson’s Aldermanic Seat, Withdraws

5/10/2017 St. Louis American: Dems fumble 28th Ward nomination, party nominee doesn’t meet residency requirement

5/10/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Democrats to meet again to pick another 28th Ward candidate

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

City Democrats To Pick 28th Ward Alderman Candidate On Saturday

365px-DemocratslogoSt. Louis City Democratic City Central Committee will meet 9 am Saturday, May 6th at Crusoe’s Restaurant, 3152 Osceola @ Compton.

The meeting is open to the public.

+ Filling Vacancy of 27th Ward Democratic Committeewoman (due to election of Pam Boyd as Alderwoman)
+ Nominating Democratic Party’s candidate for 28th Ward Alderman Special Election on July 11th (vacancy due to election of Lyda Krewson as Mayor)
+ Sheriff Vernon Betts will speak on pending legislation
+ Legislative Updates
+ Open Discussion

Previous Meeting Minutes
Most Recent Treasurer’s Report

St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee: August Treasurer’s Report

365px-DemocratslogoMeeting Notice
St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee
When: 6 pm Tuesday, August 16th
Where: Amsterdam Tavern, 3175 Morganford, just south of Tower Grove Park
Agenda: 1) Election of Officers: A Chair and a Vice Chair (one of whom shall be a woman), a Treasurer and a Secretary (one of whom shall be a woman), and a Sergeant  At Arms. 2) November General Election.

Treasurer’s Report

As of 07-15-16, there was $38, 680.95 in the State Account.
Currently there is $37,463.70 in the State Account.
As of 07-15-16 there was $14, 437.82 in the Federal Account.
Currently there is 14,437.82 in the Federal Account.
Checks cleared from Proposition E : Checks were issued to wards that put out a ballot with Proposition E on it.
15th Ward Democratic Organization: $200.00
22nd Ward Democratic Organization: $200.00
Building use for Beer and Pretzel Fund Raiser (clean -up): $200.00
Crusoe’s Restaurant, Central Committee meeting/Breakfast: $617.25
Total spent: $817.25

Respectfully Submitted:  Jesse Todd