Past Candidates & Ballot Issues

Prop V, Airport Privatization Public Vote initiative petition sponsored by STL Not For Sale

November 5, 2019 Special Election, 78th District State Rep.: Rasheen Aldridge

April 2, 2019 Municipal General Election
Board of Aldermen President
Aldermen of Even Numbered Wards (no 7th Ward election until 2021)
2 School Board Seats
Community College Trustee
Metropolitan Sewer District Rate Increase

March 5, 2019 Municipal Primary Election
Board of Aldermen President
Aldermen of Even Numbered Wards (no 7th Ward election until 2021)

Withdrawn 2018 #Keep28 Petition

November 6, 2018 State Primary Election
U.S. Senator: Claire McCaskill
State Auditor: Nicole Galloway
1st District U.S. House: Lacy Clay
78th District Missouri House: Bruce Franks Jr.
79th District Missouri House: LaKeySha Bosley
Collector of Revenue: Re-Elect Gregory F.X. Daly
License Collector
Recorder of Deeds: Michael Butler
Judicial Retentions
Amendment 1 Clean Missouri
Amendment 2 New Approach Medical Marijuana
Amendment 3 Bradshaw 15% Tax Medical Marijuana
Amendment 4 Bingo Advertising 
Proposition B Minimum Wage Increase
Proposition C Rex Sinquefield Medical Marijuana
Proposition D Gas Tax Increase
2 School Board Seats

August 7, 2018 State Primary Election
U.S. Senator: Re-Elect Claire McCaskill
State Auditor: Elect Nicole Galloway
Prop A: Vote No On Prop A Right To Work For Less
1st District U.S. House: Elect Cori Bush
78th District Missouri House: Re-Elect Bruce Franks Jr.
79th District Missouri House
Collector of Revenue: Re-Elect Gregory F.X. Daly
License Collector
Recorder of Deeds
St. Louis City GO Bond Issue

February 13, 2018 Special Election
Elect Annie Rice 8th Ward Alderwoman

November 7th, 2017 Special Election
Vote No On Prop P Regressive Sales Tax

April 7, 2017 General Election
Mayor: Elect Lyda Krewson
Comptroller: Re-Elect Darlene Green
7th Ward Alderman: Jack Coatar
School Board (vote for three): Elect Dorothy Rohde-CollinsElect James Ira ReeceRe-Elect Susan Jones
Community College Trustee, Sub-district 2 (vote for one): Elect Ciera Simril
Vote No on Prop A Body Cam Scam
Vote No on Prop B Election Date Scam
Vote Yes on Prop C City Resident Preferance
Vote No on Prop 1 Eco Devo Sales Tax Increase
Vote No on Prop 2 Use Tax for Soccer Stadium
Vote No on Prop NS Property Tax Hike for Vacant Bldg Program

March 7, 2017 Primary Election Mayoral Candidates
Mayor: Elect Tishaura Jones
Comptroller: Re-Elect Darlene Green
7th Ward Alderman: No Endorsement
Yes on Proposition S

November 8, 2016 General Election
For U.S. President & Vice President: Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tim Kaine
For U.S. Senator: Elect Jason Kander
For Governor: Elect Chris Koster
For Lt. Governor: Elect Russ Carnahan
For Secretary of State: Elect Robin Smith
For State Treasurer: Elect Judy Baker
For Attorney General: Elect Teresa Hensley
For U.S. House 1st District: Re-Elect Lacy Clay
For Missouri Senate 5th District: Re-Elect Jamilah Nasheed
For Missouri House 78th District: Elect Bruce Franks
For Missouri House 79th District: Re-Elect Michael Butler
For St. Louis City Circuit Attorney: Elect Kimberly M. Gardner
For St. Louis City Sheriff: Elect Vernon Betts
For St. Louis City Treasurer: Re-Elect Tishaura Jones
Vote Yes On Amendment 1 for Renewal of Soil/Water Conservation & Parks Tax
Vote Yes on Amendment 2 for Campaign Contribution Limits
Vote No on Amendment 3 and Prop A Tobacco Industry Wrote Cigarette Taxes
Vote No on Amendment 4 Ban on Future Sales Tax Votes
Vote No on Constitutional Amendment 6 Modern Day Poll Tax
Vote No on Proposition S Property Tax Increase

September 16, 2016 Democratic Primary
Special Election
For 78th District Missouri House: Elect Bruce Franks, Jr.

August 2, 2016 Missouri Democratic Primary
U.S. Senator
1st Congressional District U.S. Representative
Governor Candidates
Lieutenant Governor
Secretary of State
State Treasurer
Attorney General
5th District State Senator
78th District State Representative
79th District State Representative
St. Louis City Circuit Attorney
St. Louis City Sheriff
St. Louis City Treasurer
7th Ward Democratic Committeeman
7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

April 5, 2016 St. Louis City Ballot Issues Election
Proposition E on St. Louis City Earnings Tax Renewal
Proposition F on $25 Million City Bond Issue (No Tax Increase)
Proposition 1 on St. Louis City Public Schools Property Tax Increase
Proposition & on Metropolitan Sewer District $900 Million Bond Issue
Proposition S on Metropolitan Sewer District Property Tax Increase

 August 4, 2015 Bond Issue

April 7, 2015 General Election Information
St. Louis School Board Candidates Info
School Board Candidates Survey Answers
Lafayette Square Special Business District and Opposition: Concerned Citizens of Lafayette Square

March 3, 2015 7th Ward Democratic Primary Candidates Info
March 3, 2015 Candidate Contact Information

March 3, 2015 Alderman Candidate Survey
7th Ward Alderman Survey emailed 1/11/2015
7th Ward Alderman Survey Responses


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