2016 Circuit Attorney Survey – Personal Side

A1) What Ward and Neighborhood do you live in? Rent or own?

Mary Pat Carl: 16th Ward, St. Louis Hills, Own.

Kimberly M. Gardner: 18th Ward, Central West End, Rent.

Patrick Hamacher: 7th Ward, Lafayette Square, Rent.

Steve Harmon: 2nd Ward, North Point, Own.

A2) Education- Degree/School/City/Year Graduated/Attended

Mary Pat Carl: JD, Washington University, 1999-2002; BA Women’s Studies Major, DePaul University, Chicago, 1995-1999; Incarnate Word Academy, St. Louis, 1991-1995.

Kimberly M. Gardner: MS Nursing, St. Louis University, 2012; JD, St. Louis University, 2003; BS Health Care Administration, Harris-Stowe State University, 1999; Webster Groves High School, 1993

Patrick Hamacher: JD, University of Missouri, 2011; BA Political Science, Loyola University, Chicago, 2007; De Smet Jesuit High School, 2003

Steve Harmon: JD, St. Louis University, 2005; MA Human Resources, Webster University, 1998; FBI National Academy, Quantico VA, 1995; BA Management, Webster University, 1995; BS Criminal Justice, Central Missouri State University, 1985

A3) Current Employment- Job Title/Employer/City/Years:

Mary Pat Carl: Lead Homicide Prosecutor, St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office, 2003-present.

Kimberly M. Gardner: State Rep. 77th District, 2012- Present;  Practicing Attorney – Law Office of  Kimberly Gardner,  2010-Present; In House Counsel/Funeral Director, Eddie Randle & Sons Inc, 2005- Present.

Patrick Hamacher: Assistant Circuit Attorney, St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office, since 2011

Steve Harmon: Attorney, St. Louis Public Schools, 6 years

A4) Professional Memberships: (50 words or less)

Mary Pat Carl: Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL); Women’s Lawyer’s Association; Missouri Bar; Illinois Bar (retired status).

Kimberly M. Gardner: Missouri Bar; NAACP; Mound City Bar; Missouri Funeral Directors Association; Licensed Missouri Registered Nurse; Women’s Lawyer’s Association.

Patrick Hamacher:  Missouri Bar Association; Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis; Mound City Bar Association

Steve Harmon: Mound City Bar Association; FBI National Academy Associates; Council of School Attorneys; Missouri Supreme Court Discipline Committee

A5) Neighborhood/Community/Civic/Activist Affiliations/Memberships/Volunteer efforts: (50 words or less)

Mary Pat Carl: Youth & Family Center, Board Member; St Louis Hills Neighborhood Association; St. Gabriel the Archangel Young Families Group; Gateway FEAST (Food allergy, Eczema and Asthma Support Team).

Kimberly M. Gardner: I am a  member of the 21st Ward Committee and 18th Ward community organization. I volunteer in many wards in my district  and within the St. Louis city community.

Patrick Hamacher: As a new prosecutor, I made it a point to learn about St. Louis’ neighborhoods, serving as the CAO Neighborhood Liaison for FPSE from 2011-2015.  In 2013, I was awarded the CAO Neighborhood Star Award.  I also volunteer for the Children of Africa Fund for Social Mobility.

Steve Harmon: Better Family Life; 100 Black Men of Metropolitan St. Louis

A6) Political Experience- previous offices sought/held, campaigns worked on, ward organization membership: (50 words or less)

Mary Pat Carl: Canvassed for President Barak Obama; Canvassed for Secretary Hillary Clinton; Member, 16th Ward Democrats.

Kimberly M. Gardner: I ran for State Representative 60th District in  2008 (Loss).  I am currently State Representative of the 77th District.  I have canvassed  and phone banked for Claire McCaskill.  I am a member of the 18th Ward organization.

Patrick Hamacher: Jack Coatar, 7th Ward Aldermanic Campaign, Saint Louis MO, 2015; Mayor Richard Daley Re-Election Campaign, Chicago IL, 2006; No previous offices held or sought.

Steve Harmon: I am a political outsider; I am not part of the “Establishment”. I have not previously held public office.

A7) Your choice for U.S. President- Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Other, Would Rather Not Say

Mary Pat Carl: Hillary Clinton is my choice but I will support and volunteer for Bernie Sanders if he is the nominee.

Kimberly M. Gardner: I will support the  Democratic nominee.

Patrick Hamacher: Hillary Clinton

Steve Harmon: Undecided

A8) Pets: (Name/Type/Breed/Identify if Rescue)

Mary Pat Carl: No current pets (allergic kids) but have had rescue dogs.

Kimberly M. Gardner: None.

Patrick Hamacher: None.

Steve Harmon: None.

A9) Name your favorite architectural landmark or public art in the City of St. Louis and why? (50 words or less)

Mary Pat Carl: It’s hard to choose so I’m going with a personal one. The Old Cathedral is special to me as I grew up meeting my extended family there for Christmas Eve Mass. I vividly remember being nestled between cousins looking out those great windows at our beautiful city. I was later married there.

Kimberly M. Gardner: The Dred Scott gravesite in Calvary Cemetery. This marks a historic , landmark decision that has personal significance as a African American and as an attorney.

Patrick Hamacher: The Old Courthouse is my favorite architectural landmark in Saint Louis.  I often walk around it on my lunch break thinking about the history and the important cases that took place there.  The age and architecture are just magnificent.

Steve Harmon: Gateway Arch. Known throughout the world as symbolizing St. Louis.

A10) Over the past two years, how often did you ride a Metro bus or train? Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Rarely/Never

Mary Pat Carl: Rarely.

Kimberly M. Gardner: Rarely

Patrick Hamacher: Rarely.

Steve Harmon: Rode MetroLink approximately two times over the past two years

A11) Name your favorite music genre (one), favorite musician/band/symphony (one), favorite song and its performer (0ne):

Mary Pat Carl: Pop, U2, All I Want is You by U2.

Kimberly M. Gardner: R & B, Sade, Lovely Day by Bill Withers .

Patrick Hamacher: Indie Rock. The War on Drugs (I know it’s ironic, but true). Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan.

Steve Harmon: R&B. None. None.

A12) Have you ever been the victim of a crime? If yes, describe (50 words or less).

Mary Pat Carl: I had items stolen from my home by a stranger. I agreed, as the victim, to allow the woman who committed the Felony Stealing to enter Drug Court in lieu of jail time or probation. I have also had items stolen from my garage but no one was arrested.

Kimberly M. Gardner: I have been the victim of a crime.  I have had unknown suspects take items from my  car at least twice.  Unknown suspects  attempted to burglarized my house.

Patrick Hamacher: No.

Steve Harmon: Theft from vehicle – unknown person(s) broke window on personal vehicle and stole items on two separate occasions. Unknown person(s) broke window on Police Vehicle and stole items. Identity Theft – Unknown person(s) used my name to order merchandise from a business.

A13) Do you or anyone in your household own a gun? Yes or No. If yes, do you or the household member have a conceal carry permit?

Mary Pat Carl: No.

Kimberly M. Gardner: No.

Patrick Hamacher: No.

Steve Harmon: Yes. Yes.

A14) Are you related within the 4th degree to any employee of the St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s Office, St. Louis Circuit Court, or St. Louis City Sheriff’s Office? If yes, identify by relationship and office but not name (example: brother, Circuit Court).

Mary Pat Carl: No.

Kimberly M. Gardner: No.

Patrick Hamacher: No.

Steve Harmon: No.

A15) Are you related within the 4th degree to any employee of the St. Louis City Police Department or any member of the Police Civilian Oversight Board? If Yes, identify whether SLMPD or COB.

Mary Pat Carl: No.

Kimberly M. Gardner: No.

Patrick Hamacher: No.

Steve Harmon: No.

A16) Are you related within the 4th degree to any person currently holding elected office (including party committeeperson) in the City of St. Louis or who held elected office in the City of St. Louis within the past twenty years? If yes, identify by name, position, and whether past/present.

Mary Pat Carl: No.

Kimberly M. Gardner: No.

Patrick Hamacher: No.

Steve Harmon: Former Mayor Clarence Harmon