2016 Governor Candidate Survey – Personal Side

Answers will be posted after June 27th Candidate Forum.

A1) Where do you consider to be your “home town” and what makes it special to you. (50 words or less)

A2) Education- Degree/School/City/Year Graduated/Attended:

A3) Current Employment- Job Title/Employer/City/Years:

A5) Describe a Neighborhood/Community/Civic/Activist/Volunteer effort you participated in at any time in your life that you are most proud. (50 words or less)

A6) Political Experience- previous offices sought/held, campaigns worked on: (50 words or less)

A7) Your choice for U.S. President during the Democratic Primary- Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Other, Would Rather Not Say

A8) Pets: (Name/Type/Breed/Identify if Rescue)

A9) Name your favorite architectural landmark or public art in Missouri and describe why. (50 words or less)

A10) Name your favorite music genre (one), favorite musician/band/symphony (one), favorite song and its performer (0ne):

A11) Have you ever been the victim of a crime? If yes, describe (50 words or less).

A12) Do you or anyone in your household own a gun? Yes or No. If yes, do you or the household member have a conceal carry permit?

A13) Are you related within the 4th degree to any employee of the State of Missouri, including Judiciary? If yes, identify by relationship and office but not name (example: niece, Health Department).

A14) Are you related within the 4th degree to any person currently holding elected office (including township/wardparty committeeperson) or who held elected office in the State of Missouri within the past twenty years? If yes, identify by name, position, and whether past/present.

A15) Name your two favorite newspaper columnists or bloggers. Two. Only two.