2016 Governor Candidates on Issues

Responses will be posted after June 27th Candidate Forum

B1) Do you support or oppose repealing Missouri’s constitutional amendment against municipal earnings taxes which requires St. Louis City and Kansas City to hold elections on earnings tax renewal every five years? (50 words or less)

B2) Do you support or oppose a constitutional amendment to force St. Louis City to re-enter St. Louis County as a municipality without consent of the voters of St. Louis City and St. Louis County? (50 words or less)

B3) Do you support or oppose elimination of Boards of Election Commissioners appointed by the Governor and returning local control of elections to the affected counties and St. Louis City?  (50 words or less)

B4) Do you support or oppose  a constitutional amendment prohibiting any new sales/use tax in Missouri? (50 words or less)

B5) Describe your position on marijuana. Laws today are fine. Support decriminalized. Support legalization, regulation, taxation. Medicinal purposes, industrial purposes,  recreational purposes. (100 words or less)

B6) Do you support or oppose raising Missouri’s minimum wage to $15 an hour and thereafter adjusted for inflation? (50 words or less)

B7) How should public transit in Missouri be funded? (50 words or less)

B8) Do you support or oppose a woman’s right to choose abortion? (50 words or less)

B9) Do you support or oppose adding sexual orientation and gender identity/expression to Missouri’s Human Rights Law? (50 words or less)

B10) Do you support or oppose a statewide ban on smoking in all indoor public places in Missouri? (50 words or less)

B11) Do you support or oppose the Death Penalty? (50 words or less)

B12) What changes, if any, do you support in the regulation of firearms at the state or federal level? (100 words or less)

B13) Describe one budget item you would like to see increased funding for and the revenue source to make that happen- budget item you would decrease in funding, new tax, etc. (100 words or less)

B14) Describe one piece of legislation that you would champion if elected. (100 words or less)

B15) Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, ____ Lives Matter, Rather Not Say? Please Pick One. Not an Essay question.