Missouri Legislative Candidates Survey Answers

365px-Democratslogo1) Describe at least one action you would take as a legislator to help make Black Lives Matter a reality in the coming year. (125 words or less)

2) Should the City of St. Louis re-enter St. Louis County as a municipality and give up operating its own county offices and collecting/spending its own county revenue? Explain. If Yes, should this change require approval by St. Louis City and St. Louis County voters? (125 words or less)

3) The Supreme Court just ruled on what an undue burden is for women to access abortion. Missouri is the third most restrictive state in the country for abortion access, with one clinic. What would you do to address abortion legislation in our state? (125 words or less)

4) Everyone says children are our future. Describe at least one action you would take in the coming year as a legislator to give children, and therefore ourselves, a brighter future. (125 words or less)

5) Why should voters elect you to the Missouri Legislature? (250 words or less)