2017 Mayoral Candidates Websites, FBs, Twitter & More

Vote-QuoteThe Primary Election is Tuesday March 7th. You declare what party’s ballot you want when you vote.

Last Day To Register To Vote In Primary is Wednesday, February 8th. Board of Election Voter Registration Information here

Absentee Voting Begins Tuesday, January 24th. Board of Election Absentee Voting Information here


Tishaura Jones
Residence: West End, 26th Ward, 5525 Cabanne, 63112
Contact: 314-435-5963     info@tishaura4mayor.com     @Tishaura4Mayor
Website         Facebook 
Current Office Held: St. Louis City Treasurer http://www.stltreasurer.org/
Previous Office Held: 63 District State Representative; 8th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Antonio French
Residence: O’Fallon Park, 21st Ward, 4521 Athlone, 63115
Contact: 314-779-9958     info@antoniofrench.com     @AntonioFrench
Website     Facebook
Current Office Held: 21st Ward Alderman
Previous Office Held: 21st Ward Democratic Committeeman

Jeffrey L. Boyd
Residence: Hamilton Heights, 22nd Ward, 1438 Rowan, 63112
Contact: 314-383-2693     jeffrey@jeffreyboydformayor.com     @JeffBoyd4Mayor
Website     Facebook
Current Office Held: 22nd Ward Alderman
Previous Office Held:

Jimmie Matthews
Residence: Walnut Park West, 27th Ward, 5935 Lillian, 63136
Contact: 314-599-4500
Website     Facebook
Current Office Held:
Previous Office Held: 27th Ward Alderman (no online records to link to); 27th Ward Democratic Committeeman

Lewis Reed
Residence: Compton Heights, 6th Ward, 2925 Russell, 63104
Contact: 314-649-7333     @PresReed
Website     Facebook 
Current Office Held: President, St. Louis Board of Aldermen
Previous Office Held: 6th Ward Alderman

Lyda Krewson
Residence: Central West End, 28th Ward, 502 Lake, 63108
Contact: 314-607-3452      lyda@lydakrewson.com     @LydaKrewson
Website     Facebook
Current Office Held: 28th Ward Alderwoman
Previous Office Held:

William (Bill) Haas
Residence: Central West End, 28th Ward, 4396A McPherson, 63108
Contact: 314-533-1181     bill@votebillhaas.com     @votehaas
Website     Facebook
Current Office Held: St. Louis City Elected School Board
Previous Office Held: St. Louis City Elected School Board, some years where he was not on Board


Andrew Jones
Residence: Botanical Heights, 19th Ward, 3911 McRee, 63110
Contact: 314-762-0336      andrew@andrewjonesformayor.com    @AJones4MayorSTL
Website     Facebook 
Current Office Held:
Previous Office Held:

Andy Karandzieff
Residence: Old North St. Louis, 5th Ward, 2907 N 14th, 63107
Contact: 314-422-8156      @kzieff
Website     Facebook:
Current Office Held:
Previous Office Held:
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Jim Osher
Residence: St. Louis Place, 3rd Ward, 1526 N Jefferson
Contact: 314-503-0101
Website     Facebook
Current Office Held:
Previous Office Held:
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Johnathan McFarland
Residence: Benton Park West, 9th Ward, 3410 Virginia, 63118
Contact: 314-341-3171     elect.jmcfarland@gmail.com     @StillOneJM
Website      Facebook 
Current Office Held: 9th Ward Green Party Committeeman
Previous Office Held:


Robb Cunningham
Residence: Penrose, 21st Ward, 4032 Shreve, 63115
Contact: 314-341-3171  robbcunningham@rocketmail.com
Website     Facebook 
Current Office: Chair, St. Louis City Libertarian Party Committee
Previous Office: