2018 79th Dist State Rep Survey- Personal Side

capitalThis is Part A of the 7th Ward Independent Democrats 79th District State Representative Candidate Survey. These are the Get to Know the Candidates as persons questions. Candidates were required to respond to both Part A & Part B in order to 1) participate in the June 10th Candidate Forum and 2) be considered for endorsement by 7th Ward Independent Democrats.

Candidate Maxine Johnson did not respond to two invitations by U.S. Mail.

A1) What Ward and Neighborhood do you reside in and for how many years? Rent or Own? (20 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley: 3rd Ward and Hyde Park. I have lived here for 25 years!

J.P. Johnson: I rent an apartment in the Fox Park Neighborhood in the 6th ward.

Reign Harris:  I was raised up in the 5th ward, I reside in the 5th ward.

A2) List addresses for all real estate you own/co-own including by corporation/LLC in Missouri or Illinois.

LaKeySha Bosley: None. But Soon.

J.P. Johnson: None

Reign Harris: 

A3) Pets- Name/Type/Breed/Identify if Rescue (12 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley: Prince, Trixie, & Lady.- Yorkshire Terriers.

J.P. Johnson: Leonardo, Lab/Pit mix, non-rescue (but 2nd owner)

Reign Harris: 

A4) Education (30 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley: Degree in Business Administration. Working toward a degree in Nursing.

J.P. Johnson: St. Louis University High School – College Curriculum; St. Louis University – Political Science

Reign Harris: I’m a college graduate with a B.A in Liberal Arts & Science from the University of Kansas

A5) Employment over past five years (30 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley: City of St. Louis- Collector of Revenue, License Collector

J.P. Johnson: Blackrock Consulting LLC, City of St. Louis, St. Louis University

Reign Harris: For the past 5 years I’ve worked for St Louis City Police Dept (4 yrs) and the last year at Express Scripts

Maxine Johnson: Did Not Respond

A6) List the legal names of any corporations/LLCs/DBAs that you own or have an interest in and registered with the State of Missouri or State of Illinois (if other than provided in A5).

LaKeySha Bosley: La Rosé Apparel Clothing Co.;  Original Dopeness Clothing Co.

J.P. Johnson: Blackrock Consulting LLC

Reign Harris: 

A7) If elected, do you plan on working in a paid or volunteer position requiring 20 hours or more a week or running a business in addition to serving as State Representative? If yes, please explain. (25 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley: Yes. I plan on working on clothing lines and t-shirt printing company. In addition, I plan on continuing my education as well.

J.P. Johnson: Yes.  So long as I have financial responsibilities, I will earn whatever the supplemental income required like every other resident of the 79th district.

Reign Harris: No. I will work full time as 79th District State Representative with my total focus on improving the laws for my community

A8) Neighborhood/Community/Civic/Charity/Professional Memberships and Activist Affiliations (30 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley: Hyde Park Neighborhood Association; 3rd Ward Democrats

J.P. Johnson: Young Friends Member of Gene Slay Girls & Boys Club & Missouri Historical Society, STL Young Dems, 1st Financial Federal Credit Union CDFI Board, New Leadership Council & ACLU

Reign Harris: 

A9) Political Experience- previous offices sought/held, campaigns worked on, ward organization membership (30 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley:  I have worked on a lot of campaigns.

J.P. Johnson: Field Organizer for the Missouri Democratic Party, Jay Nixon for Governor, Barack Obama for America, & Congressman Carnahan Reelection; Intern for Congressman Clay; Special Assistant to Mayor Slay

Reign Harris: I previously ran 2017 for 5th Ward Alderwoman.

A10) Name your favorite architectural landmark or public art in the City of St. Louis and why (25 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley: I honestly don’t have just one, but it would have to be the Old Courthouse- just the history and architecture and those pillars.

J.P. Johnson: The Riverfront.  It represents the antiquity & erosion of St Louis, but presents an opportunity to erode the antiquity of St. Louis. What we perceive as our challenges can become our strengths.

Reign Harris: The Arch as it is our city landmark, and it is wonderfully made.

A11) Over the past two years, how often did you ride a Metro bus or train? Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Rarely/Never (not an essay question)

LaKeySha Bosley: Never

J.P. Johnson: I walk, bike-ride and take the Metrolink every day.

Reign Harris: I’ve never rode any form of public transportation in St. Louis.

A12) Name your favorite music genre and favorite musician/band/symphony (12 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley: I love Neo-Soul, R&B, Hop-Hop, Kem, Indie Arie, Whitney Houston, Keyshia Cole

J.P. Johnson: Hip-hop, Drake, Yellowcard, Mozart’s Requiem

Reign Harris: R&B as well as Blues

A13) Are you related within the 4th degree to any employee of the City of St. Louis including county offices? If yes, identify by relationship and office but not name (example: brother, Collector of Revenue; niece, Assessor).

LaKeySha Bosley: Niece @ License Collector; Sister @ Recorder Of Deeds

J.P. Johnson: No

Reign Harris: Yes, my spouse works for the City of St. Louis, as does a few cousins

A14) Are you related within the 4th degree to any person currently holding elected office (including party committeeperson) in the City of St. Louis or who held elected office in the City of St. Louis within the past twenty years? If yes, identify by name, position, and whether past/present.

LaKeySha Bosley: Lucinda Frazier- 3rd Ward Committeewoman, present; Brandon Bosley- 3rd Ward Alderman, present; Freeman Bosley, Jr. , Mayor, past; Freeman Bosley, Sr., 3rd Ward Alderman, past

J.P. Johnson: No.

Reign Harris: Yes, I’m cousins with Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congressman Lacy Clay

A15) Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years and 10 years? (50 words or less)

LaKeySha Bosley: In the next 5 and 10 years, I see my businesses prospering, and I will be done with nursing school and done with my Masters. If elected, I will seek re-election to continue to fight for the citizens for the St. Louis, the 79th District, and Missouri!

J.P. Johnson: I worry less about where I see myself, and concern myself with where I see the residents of the 79th district.  People are hurting and need more allies & advocates championing their causes & concerns.  So long as I am wanted &/or needed, I will remain a public servant.

Reign Harris: Re-election as State Representative, then run for a local public office (This is not the answer submitted, which was 40 words over limit and included a very long run on sentence. We didn’t catch it in time to have the candidate submit a rewrite and instead had to edit it to the gist of her original response.)